Knitting and a tea party

Sophie 1st BirthdaySophie & taidSophie's birthdaySophie in pink

We’re quite a family of knitters, so when a little girl is having a birthday, she ended up with a peach cardigan from great-grandma, and a pink one from Gran, and a knitted mouse from Aunty. She looks quite happy with things and likes tuna sandwiches and salad, and cake of course.

And it’s always good to make time for a tea party, even if we had frothy coffee instead.

Sophie & Gran

And seeing as it was a lovely day, but a bit cold, we went for a swingalong in our local park.


17 thoughts on “Knitting and a tea party

  1. How lovely it is to get together with family, especially the little ones. It gives us great satisfaction to see our handy work being worn. What a pity they grow so fast. My sixth grandchild born in December had a knitted blanket from me, so hopefully I will see it in use for a bit longer.

  2. What a lucky little birthday girl to have so many hand~made gifts! I crocheted a couple of blankets, a jacket and a gilet for my granddaughter ~ and she loved wearing them. The cardigan I knitted was a bit strange though, the fronts dipped down so I gave that up as a bad job! You’re granddaughter is adaorable ~ I can’t believe that she’s already a year old! though. It seems like only yesterday you were telling us that she was on her way! 🙂

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