Going places

Hello to my blog followers and all the new ones. One in North Wales in particular, hope you enjoy the blog posts.pony on snowdon


I won a book

going places

This lovely anthology from Gill James at Bridgehouse publishing arrived in the post today. And full of many of my favourite authors. Teresa Ashby, Sally Quilford to name but two. Looking forward to reading those.

At Bridgehouse publishing, they’re looking for stories. Have a look here

Also, look at all these submission slots on Gill’s newsletter. I’ll be having a go at some of those.

As if I haven’t got enough to be doing, I’m trying to transfer my writing website to be in the same place as my blog. It’s been a bit of a headache to say the least and lots of helpful live chats. I hope it will be working soon, so if you tried to click onto my website and couldn’t, that’s why.


For anyone who’s still following,here’s chapter one of the next Redington book. I can only post the first chapter, then the whole lot will be a surprise for you later on in the year.

It may change by time it’s finished, but that’s the gist of the beginning. Thanks for reading, if you did:))




14 thoughts on “Going places

    • Hi, Bea. It is a great read. I enjoyed Sally Quilford’s story this breakfast time. Left me in tears though, beautiful and unusual story. It’s a good book for someone like me, still learning what makes a good short story. I still need to make some changes with the website situation. They’ve set me up with a new website and blog and I want to keep this one, and link it to my website, so a bit more to do yet, or rather a lot more:))

  1. Well done on winning the book and on the first chapter of the next Redington! I had stories with Bridge House way back in the beginning – three children’s stories in different anthologies. Good to see Gill is still producing them now and then.

  2. Well done on winning the anthology. Good luck with the website/blog transfer. Technology changes give me a headache. I still need to play around with WordPress to make it do what I want it to do.

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