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Most of my blog followers will know that Glam gran is all in fun. I’m more of a muddy boots and mop and bucket gran really. The building site is cleaned up as the job is close to finishing now. They still need me so I keep turning up.

Here’s our little gem in her boat. She’s cruising the med, and going by first class travel as you can see.

Sophie in her boat


Thanks to all the lovely people who are downloading and buying my books. Here they are on goodreads if you’re interested.

Sue in kitchenCOFFEE

I’m in the kitchen, brewing a proper cup of coffee. We live near the midland’s best market according to the media. In Nuneaton there’s a lady who grinds the beans and you can choose whichever blend takes your fancy. All glam gran’s know it tastes the best and seeing as it’s winter we need a piece of cake to go with it. Promise I’m back swimming or gyming soon. My cleaning job keeps me fairly fit at the moment.

You may or may not notice that I’m leaving off the hair colour for a while. Over colouring made it go brittle and broken. Normally I have shiny hair and when I looked at the roots it made me realise that my own colour goes better with my skin and eyes. That’s the plan for now. In a few months I may have a completely different idea. I’ll let you know. I may be Granny Grey by the summertime, or not.


For anyone interested in the next part of chapter 1 of Redington book 2, here it follows.

Janice is in the shop and talking to Ivy about the rumors of a royal coming to Redington.


“I think there might be something in it, Ivy. I heard on the radio just before Christmas that he was going to be attending Nursery in mid-Norfolk.” Janice was marking the boxes of mince pies at half price. Nobody would want them now, and the sell by date was the end of the month.

Ivy picked up two boxes of the special offer cakes, and popped them in her basket, she frowned. “From what Edna Bailey was telling me last night after choir practise there are already quite a few names down, and they’ve appointed a new teacher there. She’s moving in about now I think. She’s bought one of the new flats on the edge of the village.”

“Flipping heck, Ivy, you know all the gossip.” Janice patted her arm as she noticed the look of alarm on the old lady’s face. “In a good way, don’t take it to heart. That’s what’s good about having a village shop. We exchange news, better than in here really,” Janice patted her fingers and glanced at the Gazette as she passed it across the counter. “Oh my God, Ivy…” Janice put her hand to her mouth and gripped Ivy’s hand. “Just when I was saying we only gossip in a nice way.”

The headline in the paper showed a picture of the new building site where some flats and houses were finished and others were still being built. Ivy dropped her basket as she read the headline out loud… “Body found on a building site…”

Janice pushed her purple glasses up onto the bridge of her nose. “There’s no news of who it is.” She clasped her hand over her mouth again. “I didn’t even notice this morning when I bagged up the papers. Oh, Ivy, let’s get us a cup of tea. I don’t want to send you off up the street after a shock like that. Here, sit down.” She pulled out another chair from under the counter, and returned her specs to the place she usually kept them; on top of her head.

They were still sitting chatting and not wanting to contemplate who or what was behind the tragic discovery, when Betty stuck her head through the door. “You’ve heard the news?”

“Only just now, I can’t believe it.” Janice got up and walked towards the door. “Who told you?”

Betty put her hands into her pinafore, and pulled a tissue from the front pocket. “One of the gang of builders; he comes in for a pasty most mornings. They were about to lay some cement, and one of them spotted that the earth had been disturbed. Ugh.” She shivered and screwed her face up. “What is this village coming to? A body buried under the foundations of the new houses. Imagine if they hadn’t been alert to the soil being tampered with, that poor person would have been buried forever.”

“Have they any idea who it might be?” ventured Ivy. “It sounds like something from a mafia film; not something that goes on in our back yard. It’s made me feel quite sick.”

Janice put an arm around Ivy’s shoulder. “Come on, I’ll get Richie to drop you off in the van. He’s going out in a minute anyway with the deliveries. It’s been a shock for us all but I’m sure they’ll find out more when they’ve done tests and things.” She called to the delivery boy, who had almost finished loading up. As Ivy settled into the van, Janice whispered to Richie, “Make sure you see her into the house, and then tell her to lock the door.”


More news from Redington soon. I may set up a newsletter where you can read the first chapter in full rather than bits. Word count is 4,740 and I’m on chapter 2.




16 thoughts on “Glam gran’s blog

  1. Your granddaughter looks very happy in her cardboard boat. Where would we be without a cardboard box? I stopped colouring my hair in 2013 and haven’t regretted it, so I would recommend it. I’ll take a look at Goodreads now.

    • Hi, Maggie. Yes, amazing what fun they have with something that costs nothing. I’ve gone tired of the smell of the colour, the bother, the cost and my own colour looks better I think. Maybe I’ll change my mind in a month or two but I’ll stick with it for a while. Glad you popped in and hope you like what you find on Goodreads.

    • Yes, I’ve reconnected with my inner badger, too. I stopped colouring my hair about six months ago and at the moment I look as though I’ve had silver highlights put in! The last time I went to have a tint put on, when I got home my husband said, ‘Oh you didn’t have it coloured, then.’ That spoke volumes!

      • Ha, they’re funny aren’t they? I’m sure if we feel happy then it shows. Your silver streaks sound really funky, and I always wanted silver streaks back in the seventies, but coloured my hair honey gold instead.

  2. Loving the twist in the Reddington tale, Suzy ~ can’t wait to find out more! You’re a glam Gran whatever you’re wearing! I haven’t coloured my hair for a few years and I’m happy with grey, as you say it suits my skin tone better. Your granddaughter is adorable and so lucky to have a storytelling Gran to feed her imagination! A great read, you’ve made me smile! 🙂

    • Glad you’re enjoying the story, Jacqueline. I’m loveing writing it and hope to get more done over the weekend. Thanks for the kind words, it was like the Sahara Desert up there today. Lots of dust blowing around. She is adorable, you’re right. At the moment, when I read her a story, she spends more time looking at my glasses and wondering whether to pull them off or not.

  3. What a wee cutie in her boat! I’m sure you’ll look glamorous whatever you do about you hair colour, Suzy. I use only a natural organic water-based tint now and then and never intend getting anything more permanent done at the hairdresser!

    • She is cute isn’t she Roserary. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m fed up with the ranging shades that have all gone ontop of one another and ruined my hair. And I let it grow too long as well. The organic colours are best, but I’m really hoping that I like my own colour enough to leave it how it is. Less bother.

  4. A lovely post, Sue. I’ve decided that ‘glam gran’ is a state of mind, don’t you think? There’s nothing like a cardboard box for having great fun and Sophie looks as if she’s having just that! Am enjoying the new Redington story, btw.

    • Hi, Jan, and so glad you completely get where I’m coming from with glam gran. Being a glam gran yourself of course you understand. Glad the new Redington is to your liking. Working on chapter 3 now.

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