The Holt Bookshop


Proud to say that Redington is now available to buy in a Norfolk Book Shop.

If you live anywhere near Holt in North Norfolk, you can pop in and have a browse. Independent bookshops are a rare find, and I’m so happy that my characters have found their way onto the shelves in there. Hope they behave themselves.

My Mum is on Chapter 5 – The Ghost of Windmill Walk, and she tells me she’s enjoying the stories.

Another delivery of books is due soon, so then I hope to add to the list of independent bookshops to stock my little gem.



19 thoughts on “The Holt Bookshop

    1. I’m thrilled, Rosemary, it’s the Norfolk connection of course. I live in a Midlands market town and our bookshop is a charity one where you can buy secondhand paperbacks cheaply. I might pop in and have a chat all the same.

    1. It is, Julia and they are amazing aren’t they? Hay-on-Wye is full of lots of quirky bookshops, and Warwick had a lot last time I went there if I remember right. Thanks for popping in.

  1. Brilliant news, well done! Haven’t been to Holt for years but I might be over that way later in the year and I can’t resist a bookshop. Any chance of you doing a book signing there?

    1. That would be a good idea wouldn’t it, Linda? It depends on how the book sells as to whether they’d be interested in stocking more. Of course I’m optimistic, if I saw that book it’s one I’d definitely buy. I’m being a big head now:)) I’m working on my marketing plan. Now the Eastern Daily press features editor has asked for a copy, and I plan to seek out more places to sell Redington. I’m thinking of asking our local library if they’d let me do a half hour brief talk about my writing, and take a few Reddie’s along of course:))

  2. I think it’s brilliant that a bookshop local to the setting of your stories is happy to take them. I hope you can get more booksellers to do the same, preferably nearer to the Midlands.

    1. Hi, Maggie, yes, that would be a good plan wouldn’t it? There’s one in Walsall I’ve been looking at, just waiting for another delivery of books, then I can get in touch with more papers as well.

  3. Brilliant news, Susan! I’ve yet to approach a bookshop with my book yet – a blogpost on how you went about getting a foot in the door would be a really interesting & educational read for me (& maybe your other followers).

    1. Thanks for the idea, Sally didn’t think of that. I’m compiling my invoice at the moment, and making sure to get it right. I’ll get into a couple or three bookshops round here and do a library talk first, then do a blog post on marketing. I may start with our village library by the way where 3 turn out to keep warm:)))

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