Special guest

This week I have a special guest appearance on the blog. Sophie is busy pressing buttons on her favourite toy and making lots of animal noises appear.



Writing News…

Early chapters of Redington book 2 are getting underway, and the locals in the village are speculating about the new nursery school that’s been built at the end of the village by the new houses.

Here’s the first few paragraphs.


Janice pushed a mug of hot chocolate across the counter for the milkman as she sorted out early morning papers and magazines for delivery.
“You’re not telling me they’ve rushed that new school through for only a handful of Redington nippers!” Stanley delivered milk along with orange juice and other essentials like digestive biscuits and bread, yoghurts or cakes to elderly residents in the village. He took a huge swallow of his drink and raised his bushy eyebrows in Janice’s direction. “I mean, fair enough, the old school was in a state of ruin, but the way they’ve gone to town. Makes you wonder.”
Janice took a deep breath, and wiggled her shoulders when she’d bagged up two sacks full of papers ready for delivery, she’d done the job for so long she could have done it with her eyes closed. “Mm, I wouldn’t be sure. There’s all those new houses going up on the estate remember. People are already moving in over there now. The way it’s going, Redington will be double in size before long. It’s only from being in the shop that I get to know the new ones. It’s a good thing, building that new estate; you have to go with changes. I know a lot don’t agree though.”


word count is now around 2,500 so almost at the beginning of chapter 1. Details are being published on the blog to keep me motivated. That’s the plan anyway.

Have a great week, and watch this space for the wordcount next weekend.



18 thoughts on “Special guest

  1. Sophie is beautiful, Sue. I expect she’s the apple of your eye. 🙂 Glad to see you’ve made such a good start on the new Redington story. I’m looking forward to meeting up with the charcters again.

    • Thanks, Jan. Yes, she’s Sophie sunshine. I’ve got Janice and Ivy, and the milkman so far who you already know. There’s Richie the delivery chap in this one, and Professor Harris is at Ivy’s house at the moment and they’re off out for a walk at the moment. Not sure where it’s going, but I have an idea. This will be all complete rather than a collection of stories. Glad you popped in.

  2. Sophie is absolutely adorable, Suzy, it’s such a joy being a grandparent isn’t it? The new Reddington story is very current to what is happening in many towns and villages across the country ~ no doubt inspired by your reconnection to the younger generation, via Sophie and her parents? What a good idea to chart your progress on the blog ~ it will keep you motivated to continue. Looking forward to reading more next week! 🙂

  3. He he, thanks, Jacqueline, now I have to keep writing don’t I? The first book was published in serial form on Creative Frontiers, so I had to keep producing chapters as monthly stories. So here’s me pretending that people are waiting to read my words. As long as someone does, I’ll be happy. Yes, Sophie is a sweetie. Glad you popped in.

  4. Sophie looks very happy, such a lovely age. Redington reminds me of The Archers. Great to have characters that become part of your life.

    Thank you for your help with WordPress. Your instructions were easy to follow and I now have a button so people can follow me. It’s hit and miss with putting the URL info in, but I’ll keep having a go.

    • Hi, Maggie, thank you, other people have said that, and I often listen to the Archers myself, so maybe that’s why. Glad you have the follow button on there. Try this for the adding links. Click on my site on the left, then go down people, under configure. Click on add, and then put in whoever you want on the list. The way to do that is go to the blog you want, eg. http://www.patsy-collinsblogspot, or http://www.teresaashby.blogspot.com, then when you’re on that blog, highlight the url in that top bar. Do right click on copy, and then put the cursor in your place for the url and do right click and paste. Keep practising and you’ll fathom it out. Yes, little Sophie is always happy. Thanks for popping by.

    • Thanks, Bea, it doesn’t take much to distract me, I’m a lazy writer that’s why I’ve put the opening paragraphs and word count on the blog so each weekend I can do an update. Not that I’m going to publish the whole lot on the blog, only a paragraph or two, and the full word count. Thanks for popping by.

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