Updating the blog, and relaxing after a fantastic day with the family. You can imagine who was the centre of attention, and lovely to have everyone home. The best Christmas pressie for me is just that. All being together, and Alan told me when I said that to him that he’d been thinking the very same thing as he finished his last shift at the big orange supermarket. Family togetherness and all being healthy is wealth beyond measure.

Sue, Christmas

I had some fantastic pressies, nice things to eat and drink, fab clothes from Alan and my wonderful page a day diary, dressing gown, slippers that vibrate the ankles. They’ll be great for when I get home from the building site. Plenty of lovely bath bubblies as well. Now off to watch Mary Poppins and tidy up the left over choccies.

He loves his present, and it was a beautiful gold and Onyx ring. He lost his wedding ring years ago, after ten years of being married. We sadly parted after that. Then 15 years later, he found it while he was digging in the garden, but it was battered. He phoned and told me. A year later, we got back together again; it was restored and he proudly wore it again. Recently, his ring had gone a bit loose as he’s lost weight and he’d been meaning to get it altered. Then one day he noticed it had gone, and he guessed it had dropped off at work. There would be no chance of getting it back. So now he’s got a replacement, and he won’t wear it until it gets altered to fit snugly.





18 thoughts on “Relaxing…

    • Hi, Bea. The story of us getting married again for the second time was featured in Bella Summer Special, and we had a professional photograper come and take some lovely photos up on our local heath. They ended up using one he took in our back garden, and he let me keep the collection, so that was nice. Woman’s Own wanted to feature the same story, but we didn’t as it would have been a repeat of the Bella one. Glad you called by.

    • Yes, Lynne, hee hee, also tidied up some advocat and lemonade in a frothy snowball or two. Considering I don’t normally drink, they make a festive treat. Yes, the ring story could be done in a number of ways I think. Thanks for popping in. xx

    • Yes, Teresa. Amazing that he found it the first time round, it looked like an old ring pull off a can and he almost chucked it. When I got it secretly restored, I had A & S entwined engraved on it so it was special and I know he was dissapointed to have lost it for the second time. Ironically, it was ten years again after getting back together again. It’s a ten year ring apparently:)) I like to think it will be found and bring love and happiness to someone else. xx

    • Ha ha, normal? Is there such a thing? Yes, Joanne, I have to agree. Alan is back at work today, but I have a week off, other than to pop and defrost a fridge in a barn office. So not too bad, and it will be nice to get the house tidied up, and do some writing as well. Glad you called in.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Sally. When me and Alan first met, years ago, one of my favourite sayings was, ‘I’m so happy being me that if I wasn’t me I’d want to be me’. Nothing’s changed much, I wouldn’t change places with anybody. Glad you popped in, and I’m enjoying the writing article e-book. Happy New Year.

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