Christmas Wishes

It’s that time of the year when we assess all that’s gone on and if it was a good year. We welcomed our first grandchild into the world this year, that was exciting, and looking forward to spending time with family most of all.

So happy to be all together this Christmas, and looking forward to relaxing and chatting and in general having a good time.decoration

I have a really special pressie for Alan, and he hasn’t a clue what it is. So I’m hoping to keep it secret until Christmas Day which will be a major feat for me. And, no, it’s not a puppy after the last disaster…

The cardigan is finished and turned out alright. It should fit for a week or so, then I’ll make a bigger version. Love those deep pockets, useful for holding chocolate santa’s and pennies.

Sophie's cardigan

Work for me finishes on Wednesday night, when I’ll hang up my dishcloth and feather duster and shake off the mucky boots from the building site and go, ‘Phew!’ They kindly invited me to a fry up in the pub with the 120 builders from the site; I declined as I have other morning plans. Kind of them to ask me though.

I’m happy to be able to hold my Redington book in my hand, after all the writing of the stories, it’s done, and has a review already as well. I’m going to get on with another over the holidays, and some stories as well. Priority for me is time with family though, that’s most precious.

IMG-20130702-WA000 (2)Digital imageDigital image



Happy Christmas to all my lovely followers, and Best Wishes for 2016…

Polar bear


16 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes

  1. What a wonderful year you’ve had, Suzy. New book, new baby. You are an inspiration holding down a busy job, running the house and writing as well. Truly Super Gran. Have a wonderful Christmas and all best wishes for 2016.

    • Thanks, Bea, never thought of it like that. I do enjoy life though and the mixture of things in it. Still hoping not to slip up with that extra special Christmas Prez for Alan. I’ll blog about it in the new year, or write a story about it instead. Happy Christmas to you and yours as well, and look forward to more of your stories in 2016.

    • Thanks, Teresa, Happy Christmas to you and yours, and keep writing those lovely stories. I need to download that spooky collection soon. Read the first one the other day and loved it. The one with bodies under the flower beds. Happy New Year. xx

  2. Happy Christmas, Susan. Looking forward to giving Redington my undivided attention in the New Year (couldn’t resist having a quick look through when it arrived!)

    • Happy Christmas, Linda. That’s a good sign if you couldn’t resist a peek. I read the whole thing around 50 times before the proof arrived, and found a couple of grammar errors, so read it again about ten times. Then when the absolute real book came, I couldn’t resist reading it again. Not being vain, but I’m so proud of it. Happy New Year, and look forward to your book from Alfie dog.

  3. That cardigan is super cute. Could you do one for me – about ten times bigger should do it! Can’t wait to hear what Alan’s prezzie was. Have a wonderful Christmas, and hope 2016 brings you lots of good news from editors! x

    • Thanks, Joanne, glad you popped in. Yes, Christmas Day was wonderful, and of course I’ll knit you a cardigan. Now I’m about to blog about his pressie. Thanks for the good wishes, I’ll keep you updated on my blog as to the news from editors.

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