O Christmas Tree

Now I know it’s coming closer, we’ve got our tree up.

TreeMr Polar bear is keeping an eye on the chocs under the tree and he brought a supply of glacier mints with him as well.

Christmas music to get you in the festive mood while you make mince pies.

What’s your favourite Christmas song? I love traditional ones like Little Donkey, and A Winter’s Tale

Speaking of a winter’s tale, I’m off to edit a story. And great news that Shirley Blair’s blog has news that we’ll be getting news from our People’s Friend entries.

Glad I didn’t have a burning desire to submit somewhere else. I am going to complete the story though as it’s something I’ve grown attached to, only yesterday I was thinking about the characters.

And just incase you wanted a sunny summer picture to compensate for the grey days, here’s one.

??????????????????????Me and Alan sipping champagne on our wedding day.

Polar bear


16 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree

  1. I’m doing our Christmas tree today – love listening to some of my seasonal CDs at the same time. One of my favourite carols is God rest Ye Merry Gentlemen because of the music and I do like Little Donkey too, as well as lots of others! Hope you get good feedback on your story, Suzy.

  2. Good news about the People’s Friend comp, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.
    And thanks for sharing your Christmas tree. There won’t be one in our house this year as we’re spending Christmas elsewhere, but there is one on the cover of my latest Alfie Dog story (plug!)

  3. It’sd all looking very Christmassy, Sue. I hope you have a lovely time. What good news about getting feedback on the PF serials. That’s going to be very helpful for everyone who entered. 🙂

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