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Popping in to update the blog as I’ve been quiet on here lately. Busy reading, and doing other things like knitting something small for someone special. A People’s Friend pattern looked good, so having a go at that.

This is what I’m attempting and done the back so far.

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What I’ve been reading lately, is Dishing the Dirt, M.C. Beaton, In like Flynn, Rhys Bowen and also catching up with several weeks of People’s Friend and Fiction feast, My Weekly and Woman’s weekly fiction magazines.

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It takes a while to catch up with the latest magazines, but being as I’ve had a mother of a sore throat and cough, it’s a good reason to curl up on the settee and read all those lovely stories.

The day job is going well, and now there’s less mud and more concrete and tarmac areas, so makes my job a lot easier and the people are really friendly which makes it a great place to go to.

On my kindle I’ve got tons of great reads… firestarter, almost finished, Highland Lass looking forward to reading, Gold Digger, Teresa Ashby great stories, and must write a review soon, This one’s worth reading as well, The Little Kiosk by the Sea, Jennifer Bohnet. Set in Dartmouth. Tons more as well.

When the weather gets cold and nights are dark, it always makes me want to read Rebecca, by Daphne du Maurier, and Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte two of my all time favourite reads. And there’s quite a good one tucked in there between them, more on that one in the next post.


Now with so much reading and knitting and eating as we have a smashing dinner lined up from the chef who is so gorgeous that I may just go and jump on him before doing any more of the above, my weekend is wrapped up to perfection.

Look out for a giveaway on the blog soon, and that doesn’t happen very often as everytime I go to give a book away I change my mind.





16 thoughts on “Blog update

  1. Husband and I have just been having a conversation about the value of proper downtime: not that rushing, around socialising stuff, but just sitting on the sofa with a brew and something to read. I wholeheartedly support your proposal to revisit some classics. Have you got a snuggly blanket?

    • Hi, Julia. Yes, over the back of the settee, instead of a throw over, I keep an opened up sleeping bag. There’s usually someone staying over or wanting a sleeping bag to snuggle under. So it’s me that’s snuggling at the moment. And we can always learn someting new from the classics can’t we?

  2. Hope you’re feeling more rested, Suzy – that cough has been going around and I’m still getting ridding of mine. Thanks for mentioning The Highland Lass – hope you enjoy it!

  3. Hope you’re well on the mend now and feeling much better. I wish I could knit – yours looks so pretty and delicate. My mum used to do all the knitting and I never learnt to do anything but good old knit and pearl. Thanks for the mention too 🙂 xx

    • Thanks, Linda. Sometimes they have a giant fling at attempting to kill us off before they get better don’t they? Good to relax with a big cup of tea though. Now off to watch good old fashioned, Bergerac.

    • Hi, Keith, and funny how you can sound worse, even if you’re feelng a bit better. I always go to work if I can walk, and have to walk off if I have a coughing fit, or chomp on a herbal. Nobody seems to notice, and it does help to get out of the house. (Not to spread germs though of course.) Thing is, everyone else has the same, so it’s good to know you’re not the only one spluttering and sniffing. I love my blog, but sometimes haven’t got a lot to say, which is unusual for me.

  4. It was good to catch up with your news, Sue, especially about the reading and the knitting. I have been busy knitting, too, for a new baby Baynham who is due in February. I hope you’re feeling better and that you enjoy your snuggly weekend. 🙂

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