Here’s the proof

The proof has arrived, and it’s looking good, apart from the odd comma needing to be a full stop. Soon sort those out and then I can press the button to say, print…

My bookIt’s really lovely to have a proper book after looking at the stories in print on the web. And the very first story in the collection was written with People’s Friend in mind. That was years ago, but it’s a story I liked so kept it in a bottom drawer.

When editor of Creative Frontiers, which has now closed down, Martin West, read the story, he told me that it read like a People’s Friend story to him. So glad I wasn’t a hundred miles out. Then after that first story, which was published in serial form, he asked for another. A month later I wrote another, and so on. He gave the stories the label of – The Archers meets Midsummer Murders.

The theme was the village, set in mid Norfolk, called Redington. The same characters appear in some stories and new ones are added as the pages turn. I’m so attached to the characters and place now that there will be more to follow.

As soon as the book is available, I’ll put a link on here. Also I’ll be doing a giveaway on my blog to one lucky follower.


I’ve got quite a few words written of the next romantic novel. I didn’t sign up to the official November challenge as you probably know, but I’ve got my chapter detail headings, and keep adding more and more information under each one. Now the story is beginning to form and hopefully it will turn into something that will make sense, and follow on from the first one. Always aiming for Mills & Boon, I’m trying to get more passion into this one and focus on the two main characters. When I sent Hats to them, they told me that the minor characters interfered too much. They’re right, but my main character is young and she learns to stick up for herself from the older ones.


20 thoughts on “Here’s the proof

    • Ha ha, thanks, Bea, you might even win in the giveaway. It will have to be a drawn from the hat one. I’d never choose between all of my lovely followers. That wouldn’t be possible. Glad you called by. xx

    • Ha, yes, Pat. And your lovely stories have definitely influenced me a bit. My characters are slightly whackier than yours though I think. Funny, I was thinking about your prefab stories today at work, and how they’d be good in a real book collection. xx

    • Thank you, Sally. Now I’m on a mission to find places to sell it. At least one thing, I’m so proud of it hopefully my enthusiasm will show. And I want to get writing more but doing lots of other writing at the moment as well.

    • Thanks, Jan. Having one last read through. Spotted a gap a bit wider than it should be near the end of the Treacle toffee story. Fixed that and sure it’s ready now. Your name is in the acknowledgements for editing help. First time round I’d spelt it acknowledgments. Thank goodness for the dictionary.

    • Thanks, Patsy. Almost done now. And like Jan, your name along with Sheila’s is in the acknowledgements for editing help. Remember those first attempts? Martin has a mention as well. It was him who kept asking for more stories and the cliff hangers.

  1. Thank you, Keith. It does make me happy to see my stories in an actual book. And now my mum can read them. She’s not interested in computers, but likes to keep up with all my stories. It’s going in her Christmas stocking:)))

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