Happiness is…

Hello to all my lovely followers, I’ve neglected the blog a bit lately, as we’ve been away on a break, and also relaxing and doing things.

We had a break in Torbay, so that gave us change to catch up with family, and get a pic of the pirate on the boat.

family picIwie n meWP_20150915_022

Torre Abbey gardens are looking fab, and Sophie Hannah was signing the latest Poirot book, so that was a treat, and a brilliant book.

Torre Abbey Gardens

torre abbeyal abbeybook

poirotme and grouWe heard that there will be a writer in residence at Greenway next year. I haven’t had the phone call yet, but maybe I was out.

Here’s the Belgian detective or Peter Suchet dressed as Poirot visiting Greenway for a photo shoot. The book is full of pictures from his visit. I mangaged to get a place of a writing workshop held at the Imperial Hotel, and met some lovely writers, while the chaps had a game of golf. Then we met up for food later on.


It’s scarecrow festival in a nearby village, and a lovely day for walking round and spotting the scares. Alan was more interested in the E type Jag that was parked on the corner.

Beatlesbike (2)WP_20150926_040

Now I must get on with the writing for a couple of competitions closing soon. At last I finished and posted my People’s Friend Serial one, and I have to send the full version of my romantic novel somewhere, but that’s top secret at the moment, mustn’t jinx things.

Until next time, keep doing things that make you happy~~~~


20 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. Thank you, Bea. I didn’t know about the workshop when we booked the holidays, so it was a lovely surprise. I’m happy with my serial, so fingers crossed, hope they like it as well. You have to have faith don’t you?

  2. Good luck with the People’s Friend serial entry, Susan. It’s lovely that so many of my blogging friends are entering – it’s hard work but worthwhile (especially when you go to the newsagents and see the illustrations). Look forward to when you can tell us more about your romantic novel!

  3. Ha ha, didn’t think anyone had spotted that line, Wendy, but it didn’t escape your beady eye. I have the pictures in my mind that would go with the story, but I need to win first don’t I? You have to be positive about these things:)) Glad you called in, and if I hear news, you’ll get to hear.

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