Glam gran says, ‘Who’s Hettie?’

Hello to all my lovely followers, new ones and older ones.

I read a great book yesterday, this one – Short story secrets – turning words into money. That sounded good to me, and the e-book is great as well. So thanks Hettie for all the great tips, and I’m going to be writing this afternoon, when I’ve finished blogging.

Hettie is the pen name of a writer who has had over 200 stories published in women’s magazines, and she is an older lady, who is definitely glam; I know that from her beauty tips in the next book. They could have come directly from my Grandma’s scrap-book, and they’re fab. One little clue tells me who Hetty might be, but that person isn’t as old as the lady I’m thinking of… We once had ‘Where’s Wally?’ Now I’m working on ‘Who’s Hettie?’ My spell checker wants to call her Hattie, but I do prefer Hettie. Maybe I’ll be Bessie Baintree from now on, and write naughty stories.

In complete contrast, another book I’ve got on kindle is this one An ugly way to go is full of short stories with laugh out loud moments. Great to read when you stop for coffee, which in my case is quite often. If you like quirky stories, and I do, this is for you. I haven’t reviewed it yet as I’m still reading those funnies.

This book has over 300 reviews and can’t wait to read it soon. I’m guessing St. Eves in South West England is based on St. Ives.

A cover of a book makes a difference, I tend to go for either colourful ones, or classical ones, how about you?

Now Glam Gran’s tip of the week is, drink water. If you don’t like it plain, then add some squash, or a slice of lemon. A glass of water in the morning, and mid-day, and again later on will keep your skin glowing and send oxygen to all parts of the body, which is always good.

green teaI’ve found a new green tea with lemon, it’s lovely, and takes away the bitterness that sometimes comes with green tea. Still losing the weight, but it’s more about stabilising at the mo, and not putting any back on.

Until next week, when Glynis Scrivens will be here, bysie bye…….

19 thoughts on “Glam gran says, ‘Who’s Hettie?’

    • Ha, so did I, don’t think she’d mind, I’m talking nice about her book. Glad you popped in, and I know you’re not Hettie, as you’d have your name on the cover, so would I. Then again I haven’t sold over 200 stories… Time for you to do yours I think, Patsy.

  1. There’s always a glass of water on my desk, Suzy, and I always carry a bottle with me wherever I go. I actually only drink two things at the moment – water and Builders’ tea. On special occasions I’ll have a few sips of red wine but I could easily become tee-total. Well done on the weight-loss and healthy eating. I joined you and have lost half a stone. Another half to go.

    • Well done on the weight loss, Lynne; it’s amazing how much better you feel even with losing a few pounds isn’t it? I’m getting used to staying at this weight, and need to get a bit more off, but glad to not be putting it back on. So you’re not Hettie then?

      • Ha ha, that was a quick reply, and I think Hettie is more North of you, Lynne, and she shops in Ikea. Perhaps I’m getting a bit obsessive, and of course you have had lots of stories published. It’s just me having a little game…. like that one with Rob Bryden when they say, ‘Now will the real Hettie stand up… or it could be me.. No, I’m Bessie Bradshaw….

  2. That’s a great tip about drinking water – I try to always have a glass on my desk. And my favourite tea is Red Bush. Well done on the weight loss 🙂
    I have read Hettie’s book too – I loved it xx

    • Red bush is a good one as well, Teresa. It’s only on days when I’ve drunk more water that I notice how much better I feel. Like washed out, in a good way, not a wishy washy way. Yes, Hettie’s is a good read, and you’re not on my ‘might be Hettie list’:))))

    • Hi, Rosemary, not saying I don’t have a biscuit and coffee, but when you feel so much better with more water and lighter foods, it makes you want to keep it up. I think Hettie is from North of the Midlands, because of a clue in there, but that might be a smoke screen and she could be from the South:// I’m a nosey one aren’t I?

  3. Great post, Sue. After your recommendation, I downloaded Hettie’s book and enjoyed it. I don’t know who she is but I did click on one of the links to her website and it says she’s from Scotland. My hubby starts each day with a cup of Green Tea with lemon but I’m not fond of it myself. I’ll stick to Earl Grey.

  4. How did I miss that, Jan? Perhaps because I didn’t click on the website links, now I know who Hettie is, and she’s lovely as well. Glad you enjoyed the book, so did I, and hope she does more. Earl grey is my cuppa as well. Mind you, really naughty day. Alan boiled a ham to have with salad, but it’s raining, not a salad day, so we had ham egg and chips, and with a strawberry slim fast milk shake. I do realise they’re a meal replacement, but they do go well with a plate of egg and chips. Oh well, brisk walk coming up, and lots of water for the rest of the day:))))

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