Here it is…

coverThe new cover of my latest e-publication. Don’t you just love it? I know I do, and it’s exactly how I wanted it to be.

A collection of 9 stories set in my favourite made up village in mid-Norfolk.

So far, it’s available on and soon will be on the .uk one as well. Here…

Nine stories in all, ending with The Wedding… It’s taken a while, so at last I can get on with something else now. Like the serial for People’s Friend magazine, and a story for the Alfie dog competiton.

Coming next week, interview with Glynis Scrivens and all about her latest book, which I need to get. Edit is a four letter word.


21 thoughts on “Here it is…

  1. Yes, Patsy, that’s Redington, and with the church there in the centre of the village. I was wondering about a village green, but wouldn’t fit enough in to it. That one fits exactly. And I’ve put a mention about your editing help along the way, and Jan and Sheila as well. With a credit to Maritime….(link) on the stones picture which is in there.

  2. Very eye-catching. I was scrolling through FaceBook at some speed and when this went past my brain went: ‘Ooh, what was that?’

    • Great that you popped in, Lynne and like the cover as well. Also, thank you for taking time to read through all of those stories when they were on C>f. Hope more readers like Redington, then I can do some more:))

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