Alfie dog competition

Are you all having a go at the Alfie dog writing competition? Read all about it here. I’m planning my entry and the prizes are amazing so if you’re a writer of short stories, you’d have to be mad not to try it. And, the entry fee is downloading 5 different author stories.

If you wanted to download any of mine that are on there, here’s the link showing you where to find them. Great news is that another story of mine, Seeds of Friendship, will be published on Wednesday 5th August.

Today, we’ve been in the garden, cutting the hedge, so it looks all neat and lovely for a while. Sweet peas are growing and a sun-flower has appeared like magic amongst them. I’ll get a pic when they’re flowering. Pink geraniums are blooming lovely, and our patch of scented pinks make the air smell divine when you pop out to have a relax with cup of coffee.

A few stories have gone out, and one back from take a break fiction feast. It’s a story I like, even though it was written when we had a theme going on in our online writing group. That makes it special, as it wasn’t going to be written otherwise. Now it’s gone off somewhere else. Reading some good books as well, and short stories.

No news on the novel yet, but no news is good news they say. So fingers are still crossed, and toes as well.

Sue in garden

Relaxing while dreaming up my Alfie dog story.

Great author interview coming soon. The lovely Joanne Fox has agreed to be my guest later on this month. So glad she’s back blogging in time to pop over and talk about her writing.

18 thoughts on “Alfie dog competition

    • Thanks for the crossed fingers, Ruth. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything. Yes, dig them out, and it’s funny how I can read over an old story and think, ‘the idea is good, but the story is full of errors.’ We’re moving forward all the time with the writing game I think.

    • And me as well, Keith. She’s a lovely blogger isn’t she, and glad she’s back in blogland. Yes, the Alfie comp has such great prizes, and you write amazing stories, so nothing to lose, and only great reads for entering. Good luck if you do.

  1. Thanks for the prompt, Susan. I’ve been so busy with ‘proper’ work recently that I’ve barely written anything creative. This must change!

    • It must, you do well with your writing. Not sure if it’s just me, but I can’t leave comments on your blog. I write them out, then they get deleted without a trace I think. Unless you’ve got a backlog in spam or something. Glad you called in, and good luck with your writing.

      • The last comment you left me is there now, thank you. I moderate them all (I’ve had some very dodgy ones recently that I’m glad didn’t appear!), which is why they don’t appear immediately. I got three versions, actually!

  2. Good luck with the comp and your other submissions. It’s difficult gardening with your fingers crossed, isn’t it? But I’m sure yours is looking lovely. My little patch has suddenly been invaded by weeds and plant-eating insects (unfortunately they don’t seem to like the taste of the weeds – only my poor flowers!) I might be inspired to start writing war stories soon!

    • Yes, I have some marigold stalks where I put slug pellets down. I’m not keen on using them though as we have lots of birds who eat the slugs. Yuk, there’s a horror story forming as well as your war one. We have branched into horror without realising:)) Glad you called by, and look forward to reading your fire story.

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