Mark Twain

The first time I was introduced to Mark Twain, it was in double English. The book we were given to read was ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ one of the best stories I’ve ever read.

I used to look forward to those lessons when we took turns in the class to read a page or two from the story of Tom and Huck. They seemed to have so much freedom to roam around, getting into all kinds of trouble and having fun. How life should be.

Lots of information about him here. Mark Twain quotes…

For character and setting the scene, any of his writing is well worth reading. What’s your favourite classic?

By the way – Betty and Raymond’s wedding is August 4th, Norah and Arnold made a mistake on the invitations.


10 thoughts on “Mark Twain

    1. And me, Teresa. I was quite dissapointed to see it wasn’t on my bookcase. Must have given it to somebody because I wouldn’t have thrown it out. Now I have to get another copy:}}

    1. You’d love the stories, Patsy. And Huckleberry Finn as well. A quote from Finn, goes….’Telling the truth is like sitting on a keg of gunpowder and lighting it to see where you’ll end up.’
      They’re a pair of mischievous boys, that’s why it’s fun to read.

  1. I studied Huck Finn as part of my OU degree. My favourite classic, I’m rather sheepishly admitting, is Wuthering Heights, even though it’s often described as a book where nothing happens twice. I love the irrational passion and the descriptions of the moors and the gloom and the whole dreariness. I also have a fondness for Dickens, too. Never had much rapport with the Americans.

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