Latest Redington story, and a new look blog.

Hello on this rainy Monday to all my lovely followers.

village shop

Good news is, I’ve finished my morning shift, and my latest Redington story is up on Creative Frontiers for you to read. I’ve missed that make-believe village and all the characters, and with this story we have a new one – Jasmine – Claire’s long-lost daughter. I’ll leave you to read the rest, if you want to.

Part Two is here on Tuesday

Part Three, Wednesday.


You might also notice, that I’ve learned how to add blogs that aren’t WordPress ones, to the right of my post. If you’re a follower, and you aren’t on there, drop me a line, and I can correct that.

I’m still drinking the green whoosh up’s and amazingly they’re smashing. Maybe my taste buds have changed as I take a flask of green tea with me in the mornings and drink that. Also, I feel like Granny Fairfax in the Terry Pratchett story, drinking a big glass of green froth.

spirulinaIn mine, I put soya milk, a banana, soya yoghurt, flax seeds, two teaspoons of lecithin (for lowering cholesterol) half a teaspoon of turmeric (for aching joints) and a heaped teaspoon, which began as half a t.spn, then progressed to two-thirds of a tsp. and now it’s a heaped one of spirulina.

Whoosh all of those up for about three minutes and you’ve got an odd shade of green milk shake. Oh, forgot to say, the thing that I think is making it yummshious, is three leaves of apple mint that I keep on the kitchen shelf, out of the garden. The blood pressure reading is almost normal, not sure about cholesterol, and I think a bit more chub has gone. I’ll find out on Wednesday when I check in at the Doctor’s.

Stand by for the weight loss announcement, I’ve lost eleven (11) pounds in eight weeks. Whoopie, but the blood pressure is still on the high side, so now I have to go for one of those ecg’s and a blood test. So, green smoothie coming up to celebrate the weight loss.

I offer anyone passing (in the family, of course) a sip. Then they guess what’s in it. Kiwi was one answer, on that day I’d put a kiwi yoghurt in there. Until next time, have a good week, and I’ll add links to the story each day………………………

Ivy in the storyWhat’s Ivy worried about, and will Edna Bailey have any answers for her and Janice?


© Arenaphotouk | – Village Store In Muker, Yorkshire Dales. Photo


13 thoughts on “Latest Redington story, and a new look blog.

  1. Lovely new blog photo at the top, Suzy, and you’re doing very well with your healthy eating! I enjoyed the first part of your new story so looking forward to the rest. By the way, you seem to have my Flights of Imagination blog at the side and I don’t really use that one now (it was for children’s books). Would you mind changing it to my Reading and Writing blog if that’s okay, as that’s where all my posts go: Thanks, Suzy.

  2. I’ve got a busy week ahead so will do my usual and save Reddington until the weekend when I can enjoy it all in one go – just as I enjoy a box of chocolates all in one go. Only joking, Susan. I think you are absolutely awesome sticking to your healthy eating plan. You’ll have the last laugh when I can’t get into my summer dresses.

    • Hi, Lynne, thing is, I popped into a vintage shop, how you do, when you’ve said you’re going to the library, and I came out with an absolutely awsome, (to pinch your words,) dress. It’s a turquoise shade of blue with flowers on, and it was a bit on the tight side, now it fits great. Maybe I’ll pop back and get another one, or I might have to swap the one I’ve got for a size smaller, now I’m bragging and that’s not attractive is it? Hope you enjoy the latest Redington. It was good fun to write.

      • I just bought a dress for £30. It had been marked down from £165! Bargain but I need to lose at least four pounds. Back to the Nothing beginning with C diet.

      • Flipping heck, Lynne, that’s my kind of bargain, you should have got three… A few pounds is easy to lose if you put your mind to it. You can do it. I get weighed in at the Doctors tomorrow!

  3. I’m looking forward to reading your latest Redington story, Sue. Well done on losing those pounds and sticking to the healthy regime. I’m trying to lose a few pounds, too, before we go to Madeira in four weeks time.

    • Hi, Jan. I’m sitting with my green whooshie drink now. It’s lovely and I’d recommend them. It’s the green tea that’s helping as well I think. It seems to stop you from wanting food. My eldest Son spoke to me yesterday, and told me about coconut oil. Like honey in a jar, for in coffee or other things. Give it a google and see. I must get some of that as well. You can lose a few pounds easily. Thanks for reading the story, and hope you like it.

  4. I love the way you make spirulina sound attractive! Good luck with the doctor tomorrow. Could you add my blog to your list, please?

    • Hey, Julia, guess what? I was thinking of you a while ago, I’ve been doing yoga, on a towel with blocks and things. Salute to the sun, downward dog, that one with the praying hands on your head and foot on you knee, sideways… Of course I’ll add you, then I can keep up with your blog better, and hopefully all the other followers will as well.

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