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Hello followers, new ones and favourite ones. Hope all is well in your worlds. I’d lost four and a half pounds last week with the mediterranean diet. And today, I’ve made some lentil burgers, with onions and garlic, mustard and extra bits and bobs.

olive oil

I’ve got this little machine from the doctors, to check my blood pressure. I’m sure they do that so that when you see the reading, it shocks you into sticking to the new way of eating. Today though, it was almost normal, so that’s good.

Every morning, now, I take a canister of green tea with jasmine to work, or there’s one with pineapple and grapefruit. It’s a taste you need to get used to, but when you do, you’ll love it. The good thing is that it tastes alright cold as well.

green tea

Lowers blood pressure and regulates metabolism

Another superfood I’ve been told about, by a man who knows, is Spirulina. It’s a type of plant algae, and it goes into a smoothie... you mix other things with it to disguise the taste apparently, so I’ve ordered some of that.


think of the health benefits, and don’t mind the taste.

I’ll be mixing it with soya milk, banana, and maybe a kiwi fruit, and some soya yoghurt. It’s a 200g bag, and you only use a teaspoonful at a time so it should last a while.

Flax seeds are a great way to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure as well. When you read up on them, it makes you wonder why they aren’t on the checkouts at all supermarkets…

This is a good book —- skeleton in the closet by M.C. Beaton. The usual mix of great characters, good fun and lots of adventure. Also still reading other books on my kindle, which is great for in the garden.

ATT00042This is going to be my hideous before picture. By the way, it’s not me, it’s my older uglier fatter dafter sister, who sells tat on markets. I try to avoid her if I can. Haven’t seen her for quite a while, so maybe she’s emigrated with a bit of luck. Meanwhile, I’m off to make a cup of green tea.


18 thoughts on “Glam gran’s blog

  1. You’re doing very well, Susan – keep it up! Spices are very good in all their forms. I start every day with fresh ginger in my warm water and lemon drink, with a tiny bit of Manuka honey. On the mornings I have porridge (oats are one of the best foods), I add cinnamon and fruit to it.

    • They all sound yummie, Rosemary. I like all of those. I like porridge with sultanas and apple chopped on top. I go back to the doctors in a weeks time, so I’ll update the blog then to let you know if I can stomach the spin stuff; I’ve ordered a big bag, so maybe I’ll see if anyone else wants any:)))

  2. Have just started drinking green tea, too, but only as the first cup of the day. I love Kiwi fruit and my little grandsons do too, eating them like boiled eggs with the tops cup off and scooping out the flesh with a spoon. I don’t know if I fancy the Spirulina, though! You’re doing very well, Sue. 🙂

    • Hi Jan, the delivery comes tomorrow, so green smoothies here I come…. yum yum in my tum, as Dawn French said on eating her third Christmas dinner, remember that? The eating of kiwi with the top off like a boiled egg is a great idea. That’s a good way for kids to eat fruit. I’m not sure I fancy the spirulina either, but if it helps, I’ll try it. Our eldest Son told me about it, and his brother has it as well, so it must be good. He was pulling a face as he told me about it though.

    • Hi, Sally, yes, we have Redbush tea in the tea selection, tick tock, variety. I’ve just had my favourite, Earl grey, with a couple of rich tea biscs. Well, they’re plain aren’t they? and the spirulina hasn’t arrived yet.

  3. Sounds like you’ve really taken to this healthy living lark. I’m a late convert to green tea, but must admit I still prefer a mug of Yorkshire with milk. A friend of mine posted on FB this morning: ‘I never eat anything my grandmother wouldn’t have recognised.’ No spirulina then!

    • Hi, Julia, I’m not saying I wouldn’t enjoy a good cup of tea, and Yorkshire is one of that kind. My Gran was quite a healthy lady. I remember giving her a love heart once, and she spat it out and shouted, ‘Ugh, poison,’ it was so funny. She used to take garlic, and honey and all kinds of things and she looked amazing. I’ve taken it up because of high blood pressure and cholesterol, and the need to be the right weight for my height. Don’t want to end up a dumpy old pudding…. no comments thank you.

  4. That’s amazing – when you put your mind to something, you give it 100% don’t you 🙂 And it sounds very tasty, all of it. I love Mediterranean food and I’ve been going nuts lately for coconut oil which is very good for you and I only drink Red Bush now for my cuppa 🙂 xx

    • Hi, Teresa, yes I tend to go into things head on. Mostly because my readings are too high, and I’m getting too big for my clothes. Turmeric takes the aches of arthritis away as well. I heard that on women’s hour the other day, and it works. Now I’m also putting a big effort into getting my novel all done and edited…. working on that now. xx

  5. You’re doing brilliantly, Suzy.

    I add flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds to my muesli to make it extra nutty. It might be making me that way too, but maybe no one will notice.

    • Hey, Patsy, my nutty friend, I had a spoonful of each this morning as well on muesli. I think flax is linseed isn’t it? They give that to budgies and pigeons to make their feathers shine, so we’ll be glowing before you know it. The green spirulina comes tomorrow. I will stick at it because I feel better already. Glad you popped in, the interview will be with you shortly. I’m enjoying the stories.

  6. As there should always be another side to things, like yin and yang, I’d like to add my bit. I start my day with a large cup of French chocolat. I often have porridge for breakfast but the soft brown sugar on top has to be an inch deep. I am a few pounds (maybe 4) overweight and I don’t exercise because it’s physically impossible. Every morning I look in the mirror and say, ‘Lynne, you have an amazing metabolism.’ Oh, and my blood pressure is fine and I don’t want to know about cholesterol. One of Mom’s friends was told hers was high and she spent the rest of her miserable life eating nothing but pasta (without any sauces or toppings). Her life wasn’t miserable until she had her cholesterol checked. But good luck with the healthy eating. You’re a better gal than I am.

    • Hi, Lynne, you’re amazing and that porridge sounds yum. No, I’m only doing it because I’m sick of the sight of fat and double chins. Also, if I don’t watch it, I won’t be able to do the day job, which helps me to do the writing. It involves cleaning seven blocks of flats, hallways and landing that go up three and four flights. The spriulia isn’t that bad. Mind you, I chickened out of a heaped teaspoon, and put half a teaspoon in my whoosie uppie. It was lovely and frothy green. Might put a mint leaf in it tomorrow. Such joys life brings.

  7. You’re doing amazingly well. Your ‘older uglier fatter dafter sister’ soon won’t recognise you!
    I’ve tried green tea but I don’t think I could ever get to like it. I’m hopelessly addicted to ‘proper’ tea – with no sugar and skimmed milk of course.

    • Hi, Linda, I agree you can’t beat a good cup of tea with a plate of rich tea biscs, but following my routine check up I had a shock. I knew I’d put a few pounds on, but holy macaroni, I almost fell off the chair when the young doctor told me how much I weighed. I blame lots of tea and toast over the winter months, with lots of marmalade and cakes and, oh well, they’re in the past. Not saying I’d never eat cake again, maybe a weekend treat, and a smaller slice. It’s easier to eat salad when the weather’s warmer though, isn’t it? Glad you called by, and you’re right about old fatty there on the market, what an embarassment she is. Hadn’t ought to have been let out!

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