May brings bluebells, and glam gran goes a walk.

bluebell woodLook what we stumbled across on our walk yesterday. Such a vivid colour blue they’re almost purple.

We walked around the golf-course, and watched some great shots, and some duffers as well. Loud thwacks, that skimmed the trees, and others that got lost in the brambles.


Do you think I’m able, MableL?

These golfers go proper moody if they lose a ball. I like those golfing buggies that remind me of Columbo. Remember him with his cigar, ‘just one more thing.’


Ah, just one more thing…

Speaking of which, just one more thing, I’ve sent my latest Redington story in to Creative Frontiers, hoping it gets published. Will let you know here if it does.

This is the poster above my computer, for inspiration, and to prove that I’m a glam gran… (in my mind, anyway:) My glam gran tip for May is to wear a smile as often as you can, and let it come from within, mean it. No good smiling if it’s false. I’m smiling on this picture, because Alan took it, in my writing room, and I said, ‘oh It’ll do, it’s not going to get any better than that.’ Little did I know then it would be on the front cover of Writers’ Forum.

pictue on wallThis reminds me that last year, I was on the cover of Writers’ Forum, and interviewed with, Teresa Ashby, Della Galton, and Glynis Skrivens. Now where am I going for this year…


14 thoughts on “May brings bluebells, and glam gran goes a walk.

  1. I love seeing bluebells carpeting the woods, Susan ~ I used to pick armfuls when I was a child but the wilt so quickly that I soon learned to leave them for others to enjoy. I love your comments about the golfers and wish you good luck with your Reddington story, the poster is great inspiration……what will you go for this year???? 🙂

    • Hi, Jacqueline, me and my sister did as well, they smell gorgeous don’t they? Our mum had vases of them, but as you point out, they wilt within half an hour. They’re best left in the woods. Glad you called in.

    • That’s strange, did you put some copper coins in there to keep them upright, or something else? Hope you enjoy the story if it gets published, Lynne. It’s a bit long and goes on over a series as usual. Before long, they’ll end up being novella’s…

  2. Thanks, Linda, I’ll let you know. The colours are vivid aren’t they, and they seem more special because next time you go, they’re gone, and last time you came, they weren’t there. Like magic, as Lynne said above.

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