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Hello blog followers, I’m now sitting at my new desk, and using my own computer rather than going into our lovely library. It has made me realise how important that service is though, so next time you’re near your local library, pop in and get a book or two.

Digital imageNow the sun’s shining, it’s time for me to get the toenails painted, and get those feet looking neat. The giggle blog will be having a rest for now, and instead I’m going to call it Glam Gran’s tips to keep looking good. This is obviously taken with a pinch of salt, (oh, no it’s not, I have to cut out salt!!) as following a routine check up at the doctors, I have to lose some weight, get the blood pressure and cholesterol down a tiny bit.

So, I’m now on the mediterranean diet. Lots of fruit and veg, and excercise and using olive oil instead of marge or butter. I’m allergic to dairy stuff, so I don’t eat butter anyway. So isn’t ice-cream Italian? And I think crusty bread is alright in moderation. Here’s me at my new desk, isn’t it great. So far I’ve sent out two letters written at it, and they’ve said they will let me know nearer the time if they’re published. One for the funnies section of That’s Life, and one for Take a Break’s Brainwaves. Not sure what I sent, but it’s a rare moment when I get a brainwave so fingers crossed.



Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

15 thoughts on “Glam Gran’s blog.”

  1. I was just thinking about painting my toenails this morning, Susan but couldn’t decide on a colour and the moment passed. I would treat myself to a pedicure but my feet are so ticklish that I’d either wee myself giggling uncontrollably or kick the beautician in the chops and get barred from the nail salon!! I’m on an anti~inflammatory diet for my arthritis, which includes a glass of red wine and a square or two of very dark chocolate (85% cocoa solids) every day. Yay!! 😉 Plus 9 (yes, that’s right, Nine) fruit and veg a day ~ luckily I’m a juice fan. Although some of the suggested combinations ~ Kale and Beatroot for instance ~ taste like slimy mud. That’s when the wine and chocolate come in handy! 😉 See, this is a giggle blog after all! Love your antique desk ~ wishing you happy writing and much success, from one Glam Gran to another! 🙂 x

    1. Hi Jacqueline, Glam Gran, oh that’s funny, glad to see you keeping the giggles going. There’s always some to be found isn’t there? Nine fruit and veg, crikey, that takes some doing, then again, you could have …. mmm… one stem of broccoli, one of cauli…. tomatoes, and the rest…. glad for the choc and wine intervals. xx

  2. Loving your new desk, Suzy! What a very glam gran you are with those sparkly sandals and painted nails. Good luck on that healthy eating – I was doing well until Easter but I agree with Jacqueline’s red wine and dark chocolate, in moderation.

  3. Hi Rosemary, yes, the shops don’t help us with all the tempting biscuits and things do they? Now I’m quite in to the cottage cheese, and peppers, tomatoes and oinions and pineapples etc.
    When it’s for health reasons, I think we stick to it a bit more, and it’s nice for walking around our local woodlands and canals at the moment as well.

    1. Ha ha, of course it does, Sally. Well spotted. I said to my hubby the other day when I passed him a magnum out of our freezer, ‘I wonder if they do soya ice cream, or whether I could freeze a soya yoghurt to make a tub of soya ice-cream? I’ll google it.

  4. You can get soya ice-cream and it’s not bad. And to make up another of the nine a day I’d eat semi-dried apricots with the dark chocolate. Makes a wonderful treat, perhaps as a tiny dessert when the need for sweetness takes you. Good luck with the healthy diet and exercising. I’m doing the same. Goddess help us!

  5. Love that desk, it’s all looking very professional – and glamorous. Good luck with the letters.
    And for your next project, how about Glam Gran’s Diet Book? It would be a shame not to use all that research!

    1. Hi Linda, the desk is so special, I love it. Thanks for the luck, and your idea about glam Gran’s diet book sounds great. Now you realise, I have to stick to it and lose the weight. Well, I have to report in to the doctors again on the 6th May, so I better had get some drastic salads in….. they are enjoyable this time of the year though.

  6. Very envious of that desk. This is the perfect time of year to be thinking about walking and eating salad – not so easy in the winter (though there’s always scrummy vegetable soup). Enjoy!

    1. Don’t be envious, Julia, it came from Peterborough, and they have more. I walked the other day, and some strange characters passed me, followed five minutes later by two police officers, made me walk extra fast, I can tell you. Yes, soups and salads here I come…. oops. a large slice of walnut cake popped itself into my mouth today, and just when I was on my way to weigh in as well…. Never mind eh?

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