March Giggle blog.

I do realise I’m a bit late with this, but now I’m here and have a couple of giggles for you this merry month of March.

Our little grandaughter, loves looking at her mummy while she’s drinking her milk, and dropping off to sleep. So this one night, she was studying Ann’s face, and then she looked up to her hair where she’d tied a huge bow, after having a bath. The little girl looked at those two big flowery ears on her mum’s head and frowned as if to say, ‘why has my mummy sprouted ears…. it was so funny, Ann had to turn her face away so as not to burst out laughing at the cute expression.

Me and my Sunderland work colleague turned up to clean a house. Nothing funny in that, as it’s what we do. They have a three legged cat who wouldn’t move out of the way, so I mopped round him and he was playing chase the mop…. then I leaned the mop up against a cupboard, while I bent down to unplug the hoover. When the mop banged on my back, I thought it was the cat attacking me for teasing him and screamed out loud. Too bad there was a chap asleep upstairs after working night duty somewhere. Then she cleaned the gas cooker and set the gas off. Such a good job we’d blown out the candle that the house-holder had left burning in the kitchen to disguise the smell…. We lived to tell the tale, and such fun, I’m out with her again tomorrow.

If you want to read a story that has a touch of humour, tune into Creative Frontiers, all this week to read Three Little Words. Hope you enjoy it if you read it, and what’s been making you smile lately?


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

8 thoughts on “March Giggle blog.”

    1. We are a bit, Wendy, only more glam of course. She calls us the bond girls, because, ‘nobody does it better, sometimes I wish someone would.’ That’s what she sings as she walks into the factory canteens.

  1. It must make your work more fun with the two of you, Suzy! Love the image of baby Sophie trying to work out what was different about mum. And your story is intriguing!

  2. I’d love to know what the sleeping man thought was happening when you screamed. I think you should take a video camera to work with you, you’d be a hit on YouTube!
    Will go and read your story soon.

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