February Giggle blog.

Recently, on a walk around the block; (it’s cold, so long walks can wait until springtime), we bumped into a lady with a bijon frise dog.  I’ve seen pictures of cakes that look like these dogs, they’re cute.

So when I said in my doggie talking voice, ‘Oh, you look like a cake’ the owner and dog jumped back. The dog started barking at me, and the lady looked at me as if I’d landed off another planet. It wasn’t until me and Ann were walking away that we realised I’d just called her lovely dog a cake and she hadn’t a clue what I meant. We knew though, and it was funny.

Another funny thing happened lately. Someone called Glamour forever started following me on twitter. How nice, and it’s a beauty lounge in Sutton, so maybe it’s because they saw my latest header on twitter. Boy/girl nails blue/pink. Anyway, from now on, maybe I’ll have a glam blog going on once a month. I haven’t forgotten Sheila, just that I’m a bit topsy turvy at the mo, and reinventing my writing room, and Annie Sloaning things. Pictures will follow later.

I put a baby reminder on my phone, and on Sunday at half past three, when I switched on, a message came up telling me, Ann’s baby is due between 16:00 and 17:00. which gave us quite a shock as she was sitting on the settee, eating sausage rolls at half past three, so that was a bit of a howler, and baby is quite happy where he/she is.

Last giggle, was that for our Sunday tea, we had salad and home-made sausage rolls and all things that go with it. I used plastic disposable plates, that we had left over from Christmas. Alan collected them up, and I said, ‘Don’t wash up remember, they’re disposables.’ He replied, ‘They’ll be alright to use again, they’ll rinse off, and they aren’t dirty.’ Ann suggested that as a giggle, because not only do we wash up in the traditional way, we re-use disposable plates……..

Until next time, keep on giggling……. you know it makes sense.

Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

17 thoughts on “February Giggle blog.”

  1. The dog/cake thing made me smile. That’s the sort of thing I’d do – say something which made sense inside my head but seemed a bit batty once out in the open.

  2. Cute dog but I wouldn’t want to eat him. Perhaps that’s what alarmed his owner – she thought you were going to take a bite!
    Just started reading your latest serial on Creative Frontiers – surprised that it’s set a long way from Redington.

    1. Hi, Linda, yes, another continent in fact. Had several family dealings and a computer crash over Christmas which put all things out of sync a bit. The bird in the hand serial was something I’d written last year. A year in Redington will still go ahead, but I’m having a re-vamp of my writing space as well.

  3. If you find, or make, one of those dog-cakes please don’t go chasing that lady with it. You’ll be getting arrested. You do have a talent for bumping into funny people. Though I wonder what they think of you.

    1. Ha ha, that would be hilarious, Lynne, me running down the street with a bijon fries cake and a dog and owner making a get-away. Perhaps I’m like a cartoonist, I’m mentally picking out something funny in everyone I meet. They, meanwhile try hard to find anything not funny about me.

  4. Oh Susan, life in your world is never dull. Wish I could have seen the expression on the face of the cake dog lady. But what’s wrong with washing disposable plates? Doesn’t everyone?
    There’s a blog award nomination for you over on my blog http://renageorge.com should you wish to accept. xx

  5. Loved the blog as usual, Sue, and had a giggle. Could just imagine the dog owner’s expression. I expect she raised one eyebrow and put on her ‘Is this woman for real?’ face. 😉

  6. Haha Sue! Bichon Frises do look like your cake pic but I can see how the owner was a bit confused by your comment. If only babies were that punctual! (Although, to be fair, both of mine came early ~ and even that wasn’t soon enough for me!) And I’ve been known to bring disposable cutlery home and wash it ~ espescially those tiny fold~up forks you get in take~away salads. Kept my 4 year old grandsons quiet for hours, working out how to clip them back together. Haven’t been able to blog much lately due to discomfort in neck but will try to catch up next month! A glamour blog would be fun too! 🙂

      1. Haha! Brilliant, Susan! And yes, low lighting is essential as you matureIt could even be ‘The Glam Grans’ Giggle Blog’ ~ or would that strain our ageing grey cells a little too far? 😉

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