Happy New Year.

Happy new year to all my favourite followers, you know who you are. Yes, you.. and you and you of course. I’ve been a bit quiet lately, and thanks to those who noticed. One thing and another has kept me busy, and now I’m getting back to the writing. I’ve had a lovely diary from Alan, who knows how much I like jotting down little details that I find at a later date. I can tell you what the weather was like on this day in 2010, if you needed to know.

I found an old diary, and was about to de-clutter and throw it away, but there were such great ideas in there for stories, that I kept it. It’s time to clear out some of my old books though. Now I have a kindle, and my latest download is the one from Teresa, with the blue stockings on the front. It’s a great read, and I’m half way through it and if you want to read some classic Teresa’s go for it, you won’t be dissapointed.

Also, Suzanne Ross Jones has a story in this weeks People’s Friend that started off the week just right.

The giggle blog will be at the end of the month, as nothing is making me split my sides at the moment. Our daughter has moved in, and will be having our first grandchild in the near future. She’s busy finding out how sterelisers work, and how prams are assembled. skunkgarden in JuneI’m looking forward to getting back in the garden, though it doesn’t look like that at the moment. My early morning cleaning job started back up today, and now I’m in the library, catching up with my blog.

Also, I’m busy knitting and going to read some of those books that don’t go into the charity shop box.

Until next time, when I still have that interview with Sheila Crosby to come later in January.


23 thoughts on “Happy New Year.

  1. Good to read your post, Susan – I can imagine the house will not be the same with daughter and expected grandchild moved in. It must be exciting for you as well. Hope you have a wonderful, happy New Year!

  2. Hi, Rosemary, great to hear from you. She was a victim of domestic violence which came as a shock to us all. So keeping her safe is priority and I won’t be putting any details on here of course. You never know who may be reading. I can’t let bullies stop me blogging though. Look forward to reading more of your stories.

  3. Ha ha, yes, Julia I seem to remember that babies make some noise. Then again, so do I. I’ve been told that the baby already knows my voice. I’m needing to write more stories now though.

  4. I think I’m in the same position as you, Susan – getting back into the groove after a long break. My first granddaughter was born 11 months ago. It’s a great feeling. Happy New Year.

  5. And a very happy New Year to you, Susan. I’ve started knitting again this year too! And good luck with throwing out old books. I can never actually bring myself to do it. They go into the box, and then I think about it, and then I put them back on the shelves 🙂

  6. Hope you are soon finding plenty to giggle about, Susan. Sounds as if you’ve had some big worries, but when your little grandchild arrives you’ll have lots to smile about. They bring so much love and certainly change your life, but for the better. You’ll be a lovely nan too I know.
    I’m late with my giggle blog – I’m still debating whether or not to let everyone in on just how big a ditz I am 🙂 xx

    • Thanks, Jan. Sometimes things take over and need our full attention don’t they, and true writing buddies understand these things. Also my computer is in dock, so I’m using paper and pen for a while.

  7. Happy New Year, Susan. I think your garden looks beautiful. I am learning (at 45 years of age) how to tend my garden. I am doing quite well but I’ve yet to prevent plants from dying. Hmmm…. but the grass is neatly mowed and still green 🙂 Wishing you much success and treasured memories in 2015!!

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