Coming soon, to this blog.

green grassbirds

On the 12th November, you are in for a treat, my lovely blog followers.

Coming soon, interview with Keith Lindsay, comedy script writer, and my former writing tutor.

He worked on Birds of a Feather, the original scripts, and more recently,

Keith worked on Green green grass with John Sullivan.


Birds of a Feather.

Green green grass.

Like my ususal author interviews, Keith will be answering 6 questions, and if anyone has any further questions on comedy writing, make sure you tune in on or after Wednesday.

My writing course in the local college lasted for a year where I learned such a lot from Keith, and have kept the folder of work. Some of the ideas in there I’m still working on and will send out. During that year, Take a Break published my first full length article, and other articles and poetry followed. So from working with him on that course, my writing path began.

Details of where you can find him and what courses he’s running will be in the blog post next week.

See you then………………………………………….

12 thoughts on “Coming soon, to this blog.

  1. I’m looking forward to it too.

    I enjoyed Birds of a Feather. I’ve often wondered if the writers know at the start who’ll be playing the parts and if once they do, how that impacts on the writing, if at all.

  2. Looking forward to this, Susan. I wonder how comedy writers can be sure what they have written is funny. Surely during the editing process (and then rehearsals), they must hear the words so often they lose their punch.

  3. Hi Julia. I see what you mean, but I think if something makes you laugh, it always will. Like Del Boy and Rodney’s chandelier moment. I have a cleaning colleague, who keeps telling me that we need to give the chandelier in a chiropodists a good clean. I say, ‘strictly, no…..’ then tell her, ‘remember what happened to Del and Rodney? and then usher her out of the door sharpish… Glad you’re looking forward to it, he’s a talented man.

  4. It’s in my diary! Can’t wait. I wonder who Keith tests out his jokes on. I test out my humour on my poor husband. He’s afraid not to laugh 🙂 But I look out for the twinkle in his eye that speaks the truth.

    • Glad that you’re looking forward to the interview, Nicola. It’s good, and it’s a question we could ask Keith as well as my 6. Sometimes, I might think something is slightly funny, yet people find it really funny… You never know with humour do you?

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