November Giggle blog.

Hi followers, hope you’re all enjoying the festivities, and not had too much pumpkin soup, or sweets left over from the trick and treaters.

My giggles for November are both from work. First mine. Our boss asked me and my colleague from Sunderland if we’d go in on a Sunday and do a cleaning job for a while. After some thought, we both said, yes. Off we went in the blue van, to the job.

blue vanNow as I’ve said before, it’s all codes and numbers and letters to punch in. The huge black gates have a box at the side, and she knew the number. We punched it in, and nothing happened. Tried it in reverse, nothing again. She was certain that was right, so unfortunately, we had to disturb our gaffer and ask what the code was. Turns out it was what she’d said, but with an E for enter at the end.

So, number is in, the massive black gate trundled open, I jump back in the passenger seat, and she is saying into her mobile, how we have now got the big gates open, while standing with her back to them. All of a sudden, I see the gates slowly trundling back again. I shouted, quick, they’re closing again. She couldn’t hear me as she was deep in conversation. I hollered,,,, quick, they’re closing. (Why I didn’t jump into the driver’s seat and drive through, I’m not sure, but then she’d have been outside, and me inside.)

She heard me after a minute or two, which was probably a second or two, but felt like minutes…. She shouted, “Eeee, ya bugga, they’re closing…….” We both screamed, jumped up and down a bit, and tried our newly known code into the box. It worked, and we quickly jumped in and drove through.

Second giggle comes from Alan’s workplace. He’s a janitor in a large supermarket. There was a leak from the roof, and it turns out that the cafe is upstairs, and it could have been from the dishwasher, or somewhere else. Ended up, they had a puddle the size of a lake, and it didn’t smell too fresh either…. He had other duties to see to, and when he came back, the workers had put lots of cardboard down, and it seemed to be soaking up the water, and already there was a mop bucket full. He had to stop a lady from filling it any more, as it was up to the top, and she was still squeezing a mop into it.

Then, happy to be going home, he announced… (now whenever he makes an announcement, the opposite happens, or else something disastrous.) … ‘the captain is now leaving the sinking ship.’ After that, he stepped on one of the cardboards, and skidded to the next one, and the next …. right up the length of an aisle, and ended up falling on his hands and knees.

He told me about that, and in bed that night, it was ages before he stopped laughing out loud at himself. He was doing that thing where he knew he’d laughed enough, and then I’d feel shoulders shaking and then the booming of laughter followed.


It’s always a good thing to laugh at yourself isn’t it? What’s happened funny in your life lately?


Coming soon 12th November…. exclusive interview with comedy script writer for the bbc…….. and my writing tutor for a year, some time ago…….


14 thoughts on “November Giggle blog.

  1. I quite often laugh at myself. Then Gary wants to know what’s funny and his confused expression when I tell him sets me off again. I either have an odd sense of humour, am rubbish at explaining funny things, or both.

    1. Glad you can imagine both, Teresa. The gate was funny, and then when we get to the building, it’s all glass with fobs to swipe, a bit like James Bond. We were checking out the ultra posh loos, before we realised we were in the mens…..

    1. Yes, Wendy. Maybe I should write ‘carry on cleaning’ or ‘here come the cleaners’ something happens most days that’s funny. Today, the little girl, well, 18, she’s like a Disney princess, who works with me on a Monday, looked worried and told me, ‘Henry’s nose has come off.’ I said, ‘His nose’ his hose comes out of a place between the eyes, so it looks like he’s got a trunk for a nose. The hose split and broke off, so poor old henry had to have a quick nose job in-between jobs. Luckily we had a spare hose on the van!!!

  2. Brilliant comedy, Susan ~ as Teresa says, you paint such a vivid picture that it’s easy to imagine the scenes! Even the thought of your husband sniggering about it in bed had me giggling! Those keypad gates are a nightmare ~ I once borrowed my daughter~in~law’s car and didn’t realise the gates to their car park worked, from the inside, on a pressure pad. I drove up too close and, watched in horror as they swung slowly open, barely missing the front of the car!
    My contribution this month is not as funny as your stories, but, hopefully, you can find it at:

    1. Hi Jacqueline, glad you’ve posted a giggle for November. Very funny it was too. Hope your followers enjoy it. I certainly did. Those gates sound like a nightmare. And luckily you didn’t smash the front of the d-i-l’s car:)))

    1. We must have, Lynne. Never thought of it like that. He’s got great balance though, fortunately. He used to be a great footballer, so imagine he did windmill arms like an aeroplane all the way up the aisle to try and stay upright. We’ll try and stay upright…. :)))) Glad your comment came through in the end.

  3. Thanks for the giggles! You’re not the only one who has problems with these modern security systems. The Saturday morning Art Group I belong to now meets in a school. We use a lovely, light room that’s perfect for an art studio but getting in and out is a nightmare!

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