Stories to read…

scented pinks

scented pinks

I have two stories published. One is on a shortlist, and published in the new magazine called Kishboo. available to read now. That stands for

Keith and Sharon Boothroyd, who have combined to create a new online magazine. On Monday 27th, you can start voting for the stories

they have chosen for their list of contenders for the winning prize. I’d be over the moon if you read my story and clicked like please.

It’s called ‘Three Little Flowers’ and it’s special to me.

They are running an ongoing competition, that is only three-pound to enter, and prizes are £50.00 for first and £25.00 for second. Voting is on people clicking, so the more friends you have, the more likely you’ll win. So, not hoping for miracles, because they’re in the story, and that’s where I’d rather them be:))

Prepare yourself for a mammoth read that is my latest Redington story, thank you Martin West of Creative Frontiers, for publishing it.

Midnight on Colley Hill, will run as a serial, beginning on 27th October, and is a Halloween story, where three Redington girls, or more like, old girls get together for a re-union. Don’t want to give too much away, so hope you enjoy it if you read.

Stones darkerPicture courtesy of


10 thoughts on “Stories to read…

  1. Congratulations on the Kishboo story – and let us know if Martin gives you grief and I’ll join your coven and sort him out!

    Nice spooky looking picture. Makes me think there could be something lurking in the shadows.

    • Hello, Christine, my friend, so lovely to see you here on my blog. Glad you popped in. Hope you enjoy the three little flowers. It is a special story to me, although it’s fiction, the birds part happened…. you’ll see what I mean when you read it. The standing stones are the setting for my October Redington story, which is a little scary, and a little crazy, but that’s the Redington residents for you!!!!

    • Thanks, Teresa. I’m chuffed, as it’s quite a personal story, but one I’d like people to read. The new serial is a one off, whacky witch one…. Not even sure if Martin is publishing, but the witches will be after him if he doesn’t:))) he he he….. xx

  2. The link to Kishboo isn’t working for me – don’t know if it’s a problem at my end or theirs, or perhaps the witches are up to their tricks already! I’ll try again later …

  3. Thanks, Linda for telling me. Hope it does now. I think I’d put to many http://'s in there….. The story on kishboo is available to read now, and voting starts on Monday. Those witches have a lot to answer for, but they’re all getting ready for their re-union now…. hope you like the story if you read it. Be prepared, it’s a bit long. As in, half a novella to be honest:))

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