When Suzy met Patsy.

The travelling writer came to the N.E.C. and that’s in my radar, so how lovely that I was able to pop along and meet

my lovely blog buddy, writing buddy and critique buddy. Alright, you get the gist, I was thrilled to have a coffee and cake with Patsy.

Suzy and PatsyWhen we met, it felt like meeting a family member, and as if we’d been friends for a lifetime. I was looking around, and heard Patsy’s voice, then we went, ‘yahayyyy,,,,, ‘ like on long lost family. Great fun.

I call Patsy the Travelling Writer, because that’s what she does, and is. How glad am I that she and Gary were at the show up the road. I thought perhaps we’d have a little chat for a while, and before you know it, two hours had passed, and they were almost closing.

Great respect for Gary, who didn’t moan that I’d hijacked Patsy when they were checking out motor homes. And we didn’t really sprout flowers out of our head with happiness…

Patsy’s blog…..

Our site……

Read Patsy’s latest story here….

18 thoughts on “When Suzy met Patsy.

  1. Yes, Sally, and jaw ache after as well….. Great to chat in real life, and know that the person on the computer is real, and more smashing in real life as on the screen:)) Only trouble with me, when I’m happy I talk louder and louder until my voice was bouncing off the walls and ceiling of the N.E.C. Don’t think anybody noticed though.

  2. It was brilliant to meet you too, Suzy. I do like the name travelling writer, it’s certainly been appropriate this year and as you’ll have gathered might be even more so in the future.

    ps you weren’t supposed to mention the cake – that’s why we disposed of the evidence before the photo! Oh well as you have I might as well admit to the chocolates too. Thank you they were delicious. Yes, were, not are – but I did let Gary have some.

  3. Yes, Jan, I’m glad too. And we did have a great chitter chatter and your name came up of course, and how it will be nice when we meet you as well. I like the photo as well, even though it highlights the overdosing of biscuits lately:/000)

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