The Ghost of Windmill Walk.

windmillMy latest story in the Redington collection is published this week on Creative Frontiers.

Hope you enjoy the story if you read it, and thanks to my writing buddies for their help as well.

The accumulator competition is ending at the end of this month, so be quick and good luck if you’re having a go. Scroll down

the page, and follow instructions for part 3 of the Riggins story.

Speaking of competitions, the Alfie dog short story one is closing soon as well, with a fab prize, so good luck if you’re

trying that one as well.

Happy Equinox, now excuse me, hot cakes are out of the oven, and a cup of tea waiting as well.

ghostWatch out for the ghost of the windmill…


8 thoughts on “The Ghost of Windmill Walk.

    • I’m intrigued to know how you’re going to tie up all those loose ends so I’ll have no choice but to read the next episode. Pleased you’ve worked Bramble into the plot.

  1. Hi Linda, you’ve remembered little Bramble, he’s enjoying life running around in the Norfolk marshes. That’s the joy of imagination, isn’t it? Hope you like the tying up of loose ends. Glad you popped by. x

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