September Giggle blog.

So we’re in to September and time for a giggle….. erm…… that wasn’t funny, no, nor that, and that wasn’t brilliant either. Hang on, things aren’t that bad…………

I work with a lady from Sunderland why aye man I do, yeah sure hinny, away man, yer naw, I’m canny and all I am on a Tuesday morning, and she always makes me laugh. She loves her bleach, and air freshener, and when she jokingly asked a chap if he was making us a cup of tea, he ended up doing us one each, so that was canny, why eye…..

Everything’s champion, doll, yes it is, bright and shiny, quicky dooo daah, if we’re running late, which we never are, of course.

Thing is, I find doo dah, coming into my speech, and why eye man is easy to pick up…. And, she’s not a Geordie, she’s from Sunderland. Completely different.


blue vanI start off driving, and then she takes over after that. One day last week, we were bombing along the road, full blast ahead, and changing gear, she rammed the van into reverse…. only for a nano second, that made me smile.

Boys alive, have a look at this for accents…. La plue de la tente avec petit pois sil vous plais.


Until next time……..



Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

10 thoughts on “September Giggle blog.”

  1. I love that accent – it’s one of my favourites. But oops – going into reverse. I’ve often wondered what would happen if you did that, but presumably you don’t suddenly start shooting backwards 🙂 x

    1. That’s what made me giggle Teresa, I was in the passenger seat, and she just said, ‘oops, gone into reverse,’ and the van went ‘hurdy-gurdy,’ and then juddered and back into fourth gear…….. It’s a warm and friendly accent because it’s full of hinny’s and doll’s and why eye boys alive and things like that. Though she was telling me the politically correct people are trying to stop them using hinny, as it means a horse, and people might be offended!!!! It sounds canny though and lovely how she uses it…. Glad you called by. xx:))

  2. Par le vous de complan Jan, I couldn’t agree more. Nous suis je jour. I love it as well, because Del speaks my kind of French. I remember when I did French, our teacher said it would be good to have a French pen-friend. Trust me to get one who suggested she write a letter in English, and I write back in French. She was really good, and wrote pages. I got my French diccy and just put a load of phrases, like Bonjour tre bon. Then followed with….. I cringe to think of it and my mom and dad were in stitches as I read it back to them. Like, I am going on holiday, how many suitcase should I take???? (Only in French) It went along those lines, and I didn’t hear from her after that:))))))))

  3. It’s too easy to pick up phrases and accents, isn’t it? Handy for story dialogue but awkward if you say it in front of the person you picked it up from as it can look like you’re poking fun of them.

    1. Dew, dew, tid-y-ma Lynne bach…. does he speak Welsh? Alan does to his family on the phone, and one of his favourite words is washy… little chap in Welsh. Mind you, he’s wishy washy as he’s always washing and pegging out. Our house is a bit like wishy washy’s laundry most of the time:))) Glad you called by. xx

  4. Hi Susan! I’ve finally got around to joining in ~ only 10 days late! But that’s partly because my giggles didn’t happen until the end of last week.
    I love the Sunderland accent, although they are very clear about not being Geordie’s aren’t they? The Del Boy clips are classic, thanks for reminding us! Not sure I’d have confessed to slipping into reverse as I was driving along ~ though my story is partly about a motoring gaffe:

    1. Hi Jacqueline, and yay, you’re a giggler, that’s fantastic, I’ll make sure I mention it next time. It’s you who gave me the idea……. Woohoo, off to have a look at your giggle now. I sometimes think, what will make me laugh this month, but I tend to log something in the back of my mind if it makes me laugh, then giggle it when the time comes.

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