Redington 111 – Murder at Brook House Farm.

I’m proud to announce that my murder mystery is published today, and for the next seven days on Creative Frontiers.

If you like a cosy crime without too much blood and guts, then this is for you.




Redington is in rural Norfolk, and I’m already working on the next story – Murder on the Market Square.

This murder writing is catching. I have a short story as well. That’s called Henry’s Revenge…. not sure where I’m going to send that one

yet as it’s a bit alternative.

Please leave a comment on Creative Frontiers if you read and like the story.

Giggle blog will be in a week, as I want to promote this murder story for this week.

Thanks if you have time to read it. I love my kindle now. I’ve already finished two stories from Rosemary, which are great.

Mischief at the Manor,

and Aphrodite’s Touch. Fabulous reads, and I’ll be posting more on those soon.

14 thoughts on “Redington 111 – Murder at Brook House Farm.

  1. Just read your first part and left a comment, Susan! I do love a good mystery. And thank you so much for reading my stories and saying you like them – much appreciated!

  2. Yeah, I do like cosy crime. It’s an odd sort of genre to like if you think about it but it’s very popular so at least I’m not alone in my oddness.

    • You’re not odd at all Patsy, completely normal like me!! I think people like to work out the puzzle of why, who, where, when type of thing. Eccentric characters help as well I think.

  3. I love a mystery, too, and am looking forward to seeing the installments published on Creative Frontiers, Sue. I like it that we can return to Redington and find stories about different families and characters. Keep them coming. 🙂

    • Hi Linda, great to hear from you. Good luck with the writing deadline, hope you get chance to edit and have it how you want it. Thanks for calling by, and reading, when you do:))

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