What’s new?

My internet is back on again now. The modem died, and I was panicking a bit, because it’s time for me to send in my latest Redington story to

Creative Frontiers. It should be published next week. Will keep you informed on when it’s up there.

This latest one is Redington 111 and it’s called ‘Murder at Brook House Farm.’

Hope you can pop over and read what’s going on there. It’s been good fun to write, and now I’ve started on the next one.

Murder stories are catching to write, once you’ve done one, you want to do another.

Now I have a kindle…… so I can catch up on all those e.books lurking around on my computer. In my snazzy green covered kindle.

I’ve been promoted to supervisor at work. Not just an ordinary visor, a SUPER..visor. You have to watch Mrs Brown to find that remotely funny.

So, I still drive the van, and help anyone out, or tell them what to do if they’re stuck. On the same day I found out I’d been promoted, Alan listened to my news for ages, then said, ‘I’ve got some news as well.’ He’s got more hours at his job, and now he’s happy with the amount of work he’s got. So isn’t that funny, at around the same hour of the same day, we were both being told that we’re appreciated for what we do….

There are some great giggles coming up for August, and a People’s Friend interview with Samantha Tonge; call back soon.



23 thoughts on “What’s new?

  1. Hmmm, just in case anyone super annoying dies sometime soon I’d better clarify that. I want to write about a fictional person killing another fictional person.

    1. Writing a murder is good therapy Teresa. You saw that one did you Teresa…. where her son got promotion? so funny. I’m into these murders now….. glad you popped in. Always a treat to hear from you. xx

  2. Well done to both of you for progressing at work – you deserve it! Good to know you have a kindle – it’s great for carrying lots of stories around! Will have a look at your Redington story later.

  3. Hi Rosemary, it’s not out until next week Rosemary, I’m preparing you ready for Redington, in readiness. That’s a lot of readies isn’t it? There will be lots of Redies, then a book with all the stories in. I can now read Adonis Touch, and Aphroditie, They’re all there, looking forward to reading them, and the Manor one as well. xx

  4. Lovely news for you both and I’m sure you’ll make a Super Super-visor! Kindles are great. Mine goes with me in my handbag everywhere and I’ve always got something to read – your own library on board. Fantastic. Do still like the feel of ‘proper’ books though! :o) x

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for your kind words. Yes, my kindle will be in my handbag now everywhere I go. I do love creasing pages down though, and the smell of a real book. Glad you called in:)) x

    1. Yes, Sally, we’re lucky. It’s quite hard to find a job if you’re anywhere over 35 these days. Close to home as well, and near each other as we share the car. Glad you called in.

    1. That’s exactly what Alan said the other day Lynne. He said, ‘it’s taken us a while, but now we’re quite settled.’ It’s a nice feeling. And having you as a follower is a nice feeling as well.

    1. So do I Jan, I’m getting hooked on murder… that could be a title couldn’t it? The weapon might be a butcher’s hook, or someone with a hook for a hand… oh, I’m getting sinister now aren’t I?:)))

  5. Congratulations, great to be appreciated. Wish I could read a murder story without cheating and having a peep at the last chapter. I always find the fact that you are not supposed to work out the plot so frustrating. I only wish I had the brains to write one.

  6. Oh, Maggie, that would spoil it, but I’m always tempted to read the last page. Not sure it’s brains, I think you need quite strong characters, and a place, and a touch of humour, then you might get away with some kind of murder that is light hearted, if you could say such a thing as killing would be light hearted. Glad you called by. You’re becoming a regular commentator now I’m glad to say, and, with the Redington story, it’s posted daily, so no looking at the back page:))

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