18 thoughts on “What can you do for a fiverr?

  1. That’s very, very interesting, Susan. The issue of copyright needs very close watching. You need to listen to Alan on this one (as well as everything else, of course). You just never know with the film thing. We’re thinking about this on the e-zines we’re developing for CF. We need to get it clear who has a claim on the copyright. Much of the Internet offerings smile at you with this modern version of a 1960s hippy face: everything’s fine, just join in, be a pal. Then you look at TripAdvisor and you find that it is incorporated in Delaware and you can’t get close to it if something has happened you don’t like or it harms your business (if you have a B&B for example like us). Then it’s not so friendly. Next time you have a minute go to a selection of sites belonging to large companies, e.g. British Gas, e-ON, etc and see how easy it is to find a phone number or an email address that isn’t ‘info@‘. You see: they smile with their website, but hide behind it.

    Ghostwriters know what they’re giving up or not (depends on their deal). The point is to know the situation.

    On the grandchild thing, make sure the Vicar doesn’t have a share on his/her copyright just by baptising!!

    By the way,

    1. Hi Martin, great to see you here, commenting on my blog. Welcome, and hope you drop in often. Yes, the lady who asked for copyright of a story about a chimp, told me that unless stated, you’re giving your copyright away. I didn’t know that, so I told her on the one occasion then, she has that story. As she wanted another two, and now she knows I’d hold copyright, she’s changed her mind. Good job Alan mentioned, he’s a great fan of my stories I’m glad to say, and knows the time and effort I put into the writing of them. Glad you’re a fan of my stories as well:))

  2. The cover is lovely, Susan and a real bargain.
    I’m so glad you’re going to hang on to your copyright in future – thank goodness for Alan 🙂 x

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Lynne, yes, easy to get carried away and think, ‘oh, somebody wants my stories,’ and then see them published with someone else’s name on them. I may come off there soon. It was just an experiment really. xx

    1. Thanks Wendy. I could do the poppyfield, and the wording, it’s the two black and white faded images to give a ghosting effect that I wasn’t sure of. I’m pleased as it is exactly what I had in mind. Glad you called by.

  3. This is an interesting post, Susan ~ thanks for introducing me to this site. I’m also interested in the art/illustration/design side of it ~ but the copyright issue is something that has to be ironed out from the start, as Alan says. I thought I would be able to read your stories but I’m guessing that only the person who commissioned it gets to do that? Good Luck, anyway ~ look forward to reading about your progress (and watching the movie!!) 😉

    1. Hi Jacqueline. The cheeky monkey one, that raised the copyright issue belongs to a lady called June. I can still publish a story with a different title though, and alter it slightly. The first one, ‘Animal Island’ I can do the same with that one. I’ve already sent that one to our daughter to read to the baby, through her tummy:)) I’m getting in to publishing short collections for children of different ages now, so may as well publish my own… Thanks for your comments, nice to see your face on here. xx

  4. I really like that cover, Susan – a bargain at that price! I’m glad you’re taking more care over your copyright as you’ll probably want to use the stories yourself at some point. Good on you for trying something new!

  5. That’s exactly what I will do Rosemary, and Alan likes monkeys, so when I was describing the monkey story to him, he said, ‘that would make a good film.’ Like I said in my post, I love the faith he has in my writing. I should take a leaf from his book…. It’s always fun to try something new isn’t it? We have to I think as things are changing all the time. Glad you called in…. xx

  6. Fab cover. Interesting re you selling stories on fiverr – I’ve never investigated it so have no idea what you can and can’t do there. Got my own book covers made by my resident teenager, and they cost me more than a fiver!

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