July Giggle blog.

A couple of giggles to keep you going. Sometimes, things are funny to you at the time, and they might not sound that funny, so here we go.

I’ve recently published The Angel and the Poet, and I needed a lovely front cover, which I found on a site called fiverr… It cost five dollars, which works out at £3.80, which is quite a bargain as it is exactly what I wanted. So, when I’d done that, up popped a question, ‘do you want to place a gig of your own?’ Each thing someone does is a gig. So I thought I’d put a gig on there. I’ve got four gigs. The first one, write a short story for children, 500 words is a fiverr, and in a few days, I’d had three gigs to do, so I was rocking and rolling with my gigs… As I sat telling our Son in the garden, I explained there’s a website where you can do all sorts of things, anything for a fiver. His face took on a look of horror….

He said, ‘tell me you’re not on the internet saying I’ll do anything for a fiverrr….’ I said, ‘nooooo, story writing.’ He didn’t look convinced.

More on fiverr in another post. It’s not all the sweetness and light you might think. Good job Mr Sensible asked me the copyright question.

Anyway, giggle number two came when I was out on my early morning cleaning round….

We turned up at this ancient old mill, that is converted into offices, and has three floors. This one office had lots of paper rubbish in a pile. Like boxes of brochures, and leaflets. Talk about waste of paper, and they’re a company promoting no waste! It was so heavy, and so much that my lady boss said, ‘let’s put it all on the trolley and in the lift. We’re not carrying all that down the stairs.’

Ten minutes later, a lady wearing stilettos came dashing in to where me and the bosses Son were working and stated, ‘is that your rubbish in the lift, because if it is it will make the lift smell, and we can’t use the lift?’ He directed her to where his mum was standing. She gave out the same statement. My boss answered, ‘no, actually it’s your rubbish and it doesn’t smell, because it’s leaflets and brochures.’ She also told her to go straight to her with problems and not come moaning to us…… (funny eh?) The Son took the rubbish, and dumped it all in the skip, as it was too heavy for me or his Mum to lift.

Then we were half way to the next job, and the bosses Son piped up. ‘Oh, I’ve just remembered, I’ve left their trolley in the lift!’ His Mum said, ‘oh, I’ll have to ring them up, they’ll think we’re taking the mickey. Can you imagine me in the back having fits of laughter…..

I’m sure the lady in stilettos was only peeved because she couldn’t use the lift and she had to use her little legs and walk up the stairs.

skunkblue vanI drive the van now sometimes. It’s a diesel engine, and sounds like a tractor. That’s the end of giggles and talk about gigs for July, more next month.

Coming soon, People’s Friend author, Wendy Clarke in the interview chair. It’s a good one, watch out for that around 8th July……

Keep giggling, there will always be something, and if there isn’t, you just aren’t looking hard enough!


14 thoughts on “July Giggle blog.

  1. Well, you certainly got me giggling, Sue. If your son is like mine, I’m seeing an ‘OMG, what is she like?!’ face along with the expression of horror – hilarious! Sounds as if you’re having fun in work, too. 😉

    • Hi Jan, yes, he looked at me as if I’d grown two heads. And after that nothing I tried to say reassured him:)) Yes, work is good, keeps me moving, and plenty of time in the fresh air between jobs as well.

  2. I can see why your son was alarmed, Susan. £3.80 is far too cheap! 😉 Having been a cleaner for 9 years (until I was made redundant last month) I know how snooty and condescending (and mean) people can be. So having a laugh with your workmates about them is Cleaner’s Revenge! I don’t always get to comment but your posts do cheer me up, so thank you! 🙂

    • Hey, Jacqueline, so glad you popped in. It was from a comment you made on your blog once. You know the one, you said I made you giggle, and I thought, well, I’ll do a giggle blog then…. so thank you for the idea. So sorry you’ve been made redundant. It’s often the case. I was made redundant from my call centre job (thank goodness) Couldn’t you start a cleaning round of your own? Or are you wanting to be retired? Funny thing is, people in factories are lovely and friendly when we do the canteens, and most of the office workers are fine, it’s the odd one….. you’ll know what I mean:)) Glad you popped in. xx

    • Hi Harliqueen, yes, he assumed the worst, but I always think everyone knows I’m talking about writing, and I didn’t make it clear to him, I’ll have to be honest. Thanks for commenting and popping in. xx

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