Oh cha cha, mash it up and bendy dance…

I’m on the front cover of Writers’ Forum, issue after that one…. Issue 153 on sale from 19th June…

Inside I am interviewed by a charming chap, Phil Barrington who found me via my website,

and wanted to know more about my endeavors into e-publishing.

I have to say I learned all I know from blogging buddy Sally Jenkins, who has written extensively on the subject.

Thrilled to share the page with Glynis Scrivens, also Della and Teresa. How fabby is that? So now you know why my summer song goes. Oh, ah, cha cha cha… then bendy dance is from Daniel Sturridge who scored the first goal for England against Italy, and he did the coolest bendy dance you’ve ever seen. So now we want more goals to get more bendy dancing in. His Mum told him on the phone to mash it up…. So

I’m going to bendy dance into the kitchen now and mash it up with a cup of earl grey…..

Hope you’ve got plenty to bendy dance to as well.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5sOzbD29GQ  Fabby lazy summer music, ideal for bendy dancing to.

Good luck to England football team for Thursday,,,, we want more bendy dancing….




Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

27 thoughts on “Oh cha cha, mash it up and bendy dance…”

  1. How exciting, Sue. Alas, I don’t have Writers Forum delivered anymore, but I will search out this one.

    1. Thanks Rosemary, yes it looked great fun. But the little fella had his moment disturbed because the coach had twisted his ankle at the same time!!! Hoping for more bendy dancing on Thursday, and my own of course:))) Glad you popped by. xx

    1. Ha ha, I’m sure you will Patsy. You’ve got plenty to bendy dance about. We should both bendy dance through Tamworth Castle Gardens, then when we get dragged away, we can say, ‘hang on, we’re promoting our e.books don’t you know.’ Now I’m a cover girl, might as well get on the front of the local paper as well. Or maybe not!!!:))))

  2. Hi Lynne, thanks. You’d make a brilliant cover girl, and yes, that’s a good idea… I’m planning to pick the magazine up in Smiths, after I’ve arranged them all in a row of course, to be seen better, and go, ‘this please,’ and hold the magazine up, with batting eyelashes. I’m not good at subtle, so I’ll probably say, ‘that’s me there…’

  3. Wow, now I can say I know someone famous!
    And you must make a video of your bendy dancing so you can go viral on YouTube too.
    I’m dancing about as well (strictly in private) because I’m going on holiday next week.

    1. Hi Linda, bendy dance away, and hope you have great hols. Good idea, I’ll ask our daughter to do a video of us bendy dancing when she comes over next. Happy bendy holidays. xx

  4. Wow! A cover girl – now I’m spitting because my subscription on Writer’s Forum ran out and – mea culpa – I didn’t renew it. Exactly what issue is it and I’ll try and get hold of it.

    Congratulations x

    1. Ha ha Sue, hope you manage to find one. I got mine in Smiths today, and told the girl on the checkout, ‘that’s me there on the cover’… and I fanned them all out on the shelf. Has to be done doesn’t it? Hope you enjoy reading if you get one….

  5. Oh for goodness sake! Blushing as well as mea culpering all over the place now. Issue 153 on sale from today you said. Creeping away now ……………………

  6. Congratulations, Susan. I have my copy but have yet to read it so hadn’t spotted your starring role. Will break the habit of a lifetime and start in the middle of the magazine to read it first.

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