What’s in your bagesk?

Digital imageDigital imageDigital imageNo, not baguette, otherwise mine would be cheese and tomato, or ham and mustard, no, bagesk, that item that holds all you need if you’re on the move.

Here’s my latest bagesk. A present recently brought back from Mom and Dad when they had a week away; for looking after the house and garden, I had a lovely tapestry style (I love that kind of thing) bag. It’s got all in there that would be on my desk, so that’s why it’s the bagesk.

Digital imageNot only is it a smashing pattern, wild flowers ladybirds and butterflies, it’s got a waterproof lining, and pockets back front, side and inside as well. Perfect.

In it is my larger diary, page a day where I jot ideas and titles etc. Also the books I’m reading, ‘we that are left’ Juliet Greenwood, and A Country Affair, Rebecca Shaw. My folder of short stories fits in there, with the bike and cushions piled up sticker on the front, and in the back of there, I tuck any of those brown envelopes that come back, ready for when I take another look at them and send them elsewhere, or edit.

There’s a red exercise book in there for my o.u. course. That free one, begin writing fiction. It’s good. I’m at the stage where we need to write a short story now.

I posted this after reading on Diane Parkin’s blog, where she’s showing us her writing bag. Previous post from the DD one. Lets have a blog in of bags…. what’s yours like? And what’s in it. By the way, this is a new bagesk, so it’s quite tidy. I have a wardrobe full of others. And, sometimes they throw up an idea for a letter that pays well. This happened recently, so never throw anything away.

Digital imageDD veterans, thank you and we love you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

12 thoughts on “What’s in your bagesk?”

  1. Lovely bag. 🙂 And lovely contents. Thanks for the link back too. I’ve added you to my blogroll, with the “new” blog name (already have the other one), and followed you, but you’re not appearing in my follow box yet. I’ll keep checking.

  2. Oh love the bag and what’s inside 😀

    Mine pretty much holds my kindle, my note book and a thousand pens that I keep forgetting are already in there 😀

  3. I love that idea, Susan – and your bag looks fab! I never thought of getting one of my pretty summery bags out of the cupboard and using them like that – hope I haven’t given them away yet.

  4. Gorgeous bag Susan. Oh dear I have one bag I use all the time which has everything in it which reminds me, must be on the look out for a new one as it’s not looking at its best now!! Maybe one like yours. I’ve tried so many times to empty some things out of it but I’m chuntering to myself ‘but I need that, must have that,’ and it all goes back in again. I daren’t swop bags because I’ll be sure to leave something out I really, really need!!! I don’t need to go weight training as carrying my bag about does the job. I think I need help ……..

  5. I have a rucksack that I take with me almost everywhere I go. It has compartments for my laptop and camera. There’s also a notebook and three pens, ice cream money (or hot chocolate money in the winter) a few magazines and my lip salve.

  6. What a useful – and attractive – bag! I don’t have a writing bag as such, but when I go out I like to have a small notebook and pen in a pocket or handbag just in case the muse pays a visit.
    I made the mistake of buying a useful (i.e. big) handbag but it always ended up filled with hubby’s paraphernalia – his ipad, phone, spare keys, sunglasses, driving gloves etc. So now I prefer to travel light!

    1. Gosh, Linda, you must have felt like a pack horse. I was like that when my children were little. They’d all three run out of school, throw their coats, and bags, and gallop off. I had to come to an agreement, that I’d have one or the other, and they had the other. It is a smashing bag. Much too nice to be stuck in a cupboard. Glad you popped by. x

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