June Giggle Blog.

ATT00042We’ve been out enjoying the sunshine on the car-boot today, getting rid of a few surplus things. And here’s a few great giggles for you to enjoy, they made me smile.

I was sitting reading, and Alan was watching the busy traffic going past our house, and his face suddenly changed. His mouth opened, and eyes, and he looked completely shocked. Then he stood up, and went to the window. He said, a motorbike went past, then another, then another, and then one with no rider. From his seat, the bike was going along on it’s own. When he stood up, he saw it was being towed by a small car, and was up on a trailer. His face was the best part of it though.

Next giggle was when I stood in to water Mom and Dad’s garden, and pop in to the house while they had a much needed week away. I’d go and open the windows, have a cup of tea, water the greenhouse. And half the week was hot, so that meant getting the hose out and doing the back and front. The other half it rained, so it was only the tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse that wanted water. As I left, walking down their long drive, I looked back on day one, and it felt really odd, not to wave to Mom who always waves either from the window or the drive. So on day two, when I looked back again, it occurred to me that you never know who’s watching, so I waved to the window, feeling a bit daft, but I had to pretend she was there…. and then when I go just out of sight, I had to wave again. Have you ever waved to an empty house? Feels silly, but it had to be done for safety’s sake…. so the rest of the week I’d walk down the drive, and half way, I’d turn and go, byeeee, waving, having a bit of a giggle to myself.

I’m enjoying the new job, where I go out early and clean offices and factory canteens with my boss and her family. They do a domestic clean, and they were saying how it’s more detailed with things like ornaments and glass objects to clean around. So we were out at someone’s home, and I was in the kitchen, as she’d had a message left that she wanted the cupboard fronts wiping over. Next thing I knew, I’d heard a clang, and a china ornament was hurtling down wooden stairs, somersaulting as it went. You know when time stands still, and your brain says, ‘I need to catch it, but I won’t have time. Then SMASH!!! A headless cat was on the hallway floor. Oops. Luckily the lady was alright about it, and thank goodness I didn’t send china puss to his beheading. I was quite wary of dusting round the other items though.

ATT00070Glad to be home out of the heat, and hope you enjoyed the giggles for this month.


On 12th June, I have another People’s Friend author interview lined up.

You’ll love it, and I’m keeping it a surprise, so tune in then for a real treat.

Speaking of a real treat, there’s Alan relaxing. I nabbed him having a break in-between



18 thoughts on “June Giggle Blog.

  1. Barmy isn’t it Wendy, but you see, they made sure a car was parked on the drive, and did it to make believe they were there, so silly, but I thought it was a good idea. If anyone sees me leaving my parents house, they know I always go over the top waving, so I had to act as if they were there. Everything kept safe, so glad I did…. ~Thanks for popping in.

  2. Waving to an empty house sounds perfectly reasonable under the circumstances. I wonder about those people who keep a caravan under a tarpaulin on their driveway for 11 months of the year and then advertise their annual holiday by moving it!

    • It’s true Julia, and the inevitable often happens sadly doesn’t it? Glad you popped by, I’m trying to comment on your blog, but it won’t let me. I’m doing the o.u course as well. It’s great isn’t it?

      • How odd. I’d love you to comment! I saw your name float by in one of the course discussions. I think I commented – maybe there’s a communication block between us.

      • Oh, that’s funny, seeing me float by. Sounds quite like me actually:))) May see you on there sometime, it’s a fab course isn’t it? I’m learning a lot.

  3. Enjoyed your uplifting post, Susan – waving to the empty house is quite a god idea as it makes people think the house is occupied! Poor headless cat but I feel your relief that it wasn’t your fault!

    • Thanks Rosemary, glad you think it’s a god idea:)))) I felt a ninny, but had to keep it up after day one. It’s amazing how heavy handed we can be when cleaning, well I am anyway. An ancient old solicitors has a cronky stairway as well. I try not to demolish it when I’m hoovering:?/ The cat I think is going to be super-glued…

  4. Hi Ruth, it’s great. I’ve read two thirds of it. He’s in a total make-believe world. He’s supposed to report back, to London on secretive matters. There aren’t any, so he makes them up, and people as well. Now he’s got one of the imaginary characters going off in an aeroplane, he’s planning that the plane will crash, and there’ll be no trace of plane or person. It is funny, I’d recommend it. Like a cross between Clouseau, and Mr. Bean. Glad you called in, and glad you enjoyed the giggles.

  5. Lovely giggles!
    I always wave when I drive away from my daughter’s house even if I can’t see her at the window because I think she might be standing back a bit and might wonder why I don’t wave. My husband always says, “There’s no one there,” but it’s the thought that counts isn’t it 🙂 x

    • It is Teresa, and I bet she was there… it’s a little ritual I’ve always done. Our children wave back at me when they leave as well. There’s a lot of love in a wave I think. Glad you liked the giggles, and called by:)) xx

  6. I giggled about the riderless motorbike, but there are cars that drive themselves now so you never know, motorbikes could be next!
    Pleased you’re enjoying your job. Thank goodness you didn’t break the cat though, because I don’t think you would have been giggling if it had been your fault.

    • No, Linda, and it’s not even funny so I’m a bit naughty to giggle it, but it’s one of those things that if you didn’t smile a bit afterwards you wouldn’t be normal. Yes, what with the riderless motorbike and the missing person in the house, and the headless cat, I think there’s a theme going on here. The disappearing man/mother/cat… I’m sure we could write a story out of those three somewhere.

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