Temping day.

Just come home from my temping day. So lovely, I have my own small office, where I answer the phone, and sort the post then fill in the attendance register; and a machine down the corridor for water, frothy coffee, soup with croutons – I tried them all of course, to be polite.

Then been over to water a garden, and greenhouse. Now catching up with the writing.


I’ve had a job getting on to my own blog lately. You know when they say, ‘are you who you say you are?’ For goodness

sake, it’s enough trouble joining agencies who want references and work references etc. It’s always tricky for me,

because for the last five years, me and Alan worked together. Then before that I worked for myself as a hypnotherapist.

Wouldn’t it be good if I could say, ‘yes, I think I’m fairly honest and trustworthy.’ Thing is, when they want the work

doing, they’re on the phone fast enough, so it’s all paperwork gone daft really.

Now, do you want to read a great story? Of course you do, I knew you’d say that… Have a look on Creative Frontiers.

From Monday through to Friday, you can read ‘The Redington Millions’ my serial story. The village of Redington

will feature in more stories throughout the year.



10 thoughts on “Temping day.

  1. Thanks Rosemary, wee describes it well. I have photo’s of my special people, and cards I like, a buddah and a frog for luck, and a couple of pictures our daughter has drawn for me as well. All things to keep the creative flow going. Hope you enjoy Redington Millions if you read it. Glad you popped by.

    • It’s hilarious isn’t it Patsy? Especially when they told me something suspicious was happening on my blog. Just that lots looked at it… Then the happiness engineer from word press emailed to tell me to clear cookies and cache. I’d already done that, but had to be polite to someone calling himself the happiness engineer. Great story title eh?

    • Yes Linda, and I’m sure the people where I go temping (The Sandwich Factory) would like me to be there regularly, but they have someone who I stand in for when she’s on holiday. Glad I’ve got my cleaning job now in the early mornings though. I’m home by coffee time, then have the rest of the day to do whatever I like.

  2. Hooray! I can comment on your blog again. WordPress kept refusing my comments last week (and not just on your blog). They told me I was posting too quickly. My computer expert said he thought it was something to do with spam filters!?
    So if I don’t have to waste so much time arguing with my computer – ‘What d’you mean, posting too quickly? I’m typing really slowly!’ – I’ll look forward to reading your serial in my coffee breaks.

  3. Good stuff, yes, I couldn’t even get on my own blog either. Frustrating. All well again now though. Hope you enjoy the story. It’s a bit like Enid Blyton for adults. When I first started writing stories, they were like children’s stories, but with adults in, so didn’t fit any genre. Who says you can’t create your own one though. Glad Martin West on Creative Frontiers likes my stories.

  4. So pleased to see your story on Creative Frontiers, Sue. I have been working a bit myself this week – preparation for the training on Tuesday and delivering it all day yesterday so off to read all 4 out of the 5 installments now. 🙂

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