New job, and temp job.

I’ve been to the gym today, gym picture

and spent some lovely time in the garden as well.

garden in June

Now I’ve got a part-time job, yippee… that’s good news.

Things come together don’t they. First you have no job, then the temp agency say, ‘can you go and be a receptionist for a day at

the place you went last time. They asked for me again, so that was special. I said yes. That will be next Tuesday for the day.

Then I had an interview yesterday, and the lady rang me today to say, ‘we want to offer you the job.’ So I’m thrilled.

My new job is cleaning offices in a local town. blue van

I go to the bosses house by seven o’clock in the morning, then we go out in a

van and clean all kinds of offices, like doctors’, call centre places, and others. I remember when I worked in the call centre, a group

of cleaners would be there early in the morning. skunk

I sometimes used to think, wish I had that job, would be better than trying to fix

someone’s computer problem on the phone.’ So now I will be one of those… Normally at that time in a morning, I’m on the treadmill at

the gym, but will be exercising so can’t be bad.

Busy writing an article now for the Writing Magazine. I’ve also discovered a new writer. She writes the kind of stories I like, gossipy village stories. I’m reading Country Wives, and she is Rebecca Shaw

It’s one of the Barleybridge vets practice ones. The characters are good, and the story is lovely.

Have a good rest of the week, whatever you may be doing.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

17 thoughts on “New job, and temp job.”

  1. Well done on both gym and job? Were the to connected? Are you working as a fitness instructor, perhaps?

  2. Good idea, in my mind maybe Charlie. I’m going to be making offices nice and tidy and fresh ready for the people who have to sit in them all day. Then I get to come home and write, and read, and play in the garden:)) Glad you popped in.

    1. Oh, Wendy, a sale at People’s Friend maybe? Or somewhere else. I’ve got plenty of stories out, so everyday I don’t hear, I think, maybe they’re considering:)))) Glad you popped in.

  3. Your garden looks so lovely and congratulations on the job. I went as a temp and got offered the job and it’s a lovely feeling isn’t it? Country Wives sounds great. I wish people would stop recommending books to me though – I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed with the size of the book pile I’ve still to read. Nice problem though, eh, and at least books don’t have a sell by date!!! :o) x

  4. Thank you rosemary. I’m glad to be doing a physical job. Alan does, and he’s trimmed up no end since he started being a Janitor at the big orange supermarket. Great that you called by. x

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