The three witches are worried!

Following on from my last post, I have the three witches worried.


witchesOh, looks like she means it this time wobble-bottom. I know hipster morish moremore. What shall we do, chinny chin? Shut up, maybe she’ll get fed up with this gym and healthy eating lark!!!


They almost had a panic attack yesterday, when I went on the treadmill, then other things, then back on the treadmill again. It’s amazing how much you have to go to get to burning off 50 calories. So I broke the record of over 200 calories yesterday, and did lots of other things as well. So, the three witches of fatty land are shaking in their boots. Or shaking themselves into nothingness.

Added to that, I had a biscuit, cake and crisp free day yesterday. Here’s the foods that fill you up, and then you don’t even think of eating any witchy delights.

Porridge for breakfast, topped with fresh fruit salad. Toast if you want it. (Of course you do)

Lunch, rice and chicken curry. Lots of celery, red/green peppers spring onion, and onion in the curry.

Teatime. Cheese sandwich with Branston pickle. (silly spellchecker wanted me to call it brainstorm pickle:)

Supper…. Fresh fruit salad, topped with alpro yoghurt.

I started having the alpro products when I realised that cow’s milk gave me ulcers. I’m allergic to it.  The alpro is also good for replacing the female hormones if you’re in that age group. Better than hrt.

So the merry witches are on the way out. Will let you know. I think they’ll put up a fight, but so will I hee hee heee, hubble bubble, toil and trouble, witches, while I’m writing, I’m burning you away, so… be gone.

I’ve got an advert in the local shop window. I’m the new dog, walking, grass-cutting, house-working gardener, for anybody who needs my services. Since I added my details to gumtree, had a weird phone call, there’s always one isn’t there? A man who says he’s looking for a housekeeper. Who are you? What’s your background? How old are you? Creeepy creep, think I’ll send the witches out to sort him out. I told him I don’t iron. Well, lets face it, I don’t iron for myself, so I couldn’t do anyone else’s. He asked do you cook? Turns out he lives in a one bedroom apartment, there aren’t any of those in our village. Also, why would you need a housekeeper in on of those… I’m only going to reply to anyone I know, to be on the safe side. In the meantime, still job-hunting. So, headhunters, I’m waiting. Gives me time to get on with the novel as well. In my ideal world, a six figure advance will be popping in to my in-box soon.

Did you see that amazon documentary the other night. It’s here… Near to the end, there’s a retired policeman, who’s bought a house with the proceeds of his sales

Here’s a fairy to bring some magic. Look out for Pat Posner’s People’s Friend interview at the weekend.

Digital image


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

12 thoughts on “The three witches are worried!”

  1. Love Brainstorm pickle! I’d follow your diet but am vegetarian and have decided to stick with my old favourite – the one I made up myself – The C Plan diet. You don’t eat anything beginning with C unless it’s a fruit or vegetable. Think about it. All the yummy stuff begins with c. Chocolate, crisps, cake, chips, cookies, cheese, cream….

      1. 5 days eating normally, and then the other 2 days you only eat 500 calories a day. My sister got us on it, because it’s supposed to have great health benefits too.

        I just like that I can eat normal on the other days 😀 I am very bad at sticking to a diet!

  2. Well done on your fitness regime, Susan – you’re now inspiring me to get started! That creepy response to your advert needs to go in one of your stories.

  3. Great idea Rosemary, we have to turn weird situations into stories don’t we? He sounded smooth talking as well, a professional person from London!! That’s how he described himself. I cut him off in the end. CREEP!!!! Yes, we have to look after our health. Been to the gym today, and breakfast was soya milk, scoop of porridge, honey and banana and yoghurt blended up to a smoothie. Oh, and my usual slice of toast. So there’s no need to miss out on good food if we keep moving is there? Thanks for calling in:))

  4. That sounds scary, Susan – what a creepy man! I always use soya milk. I’ve been following Lynne’s C Plan diet, but I think I got it wrong – I thought you could only eat things beginning with C – I didn’t realise it had to be fruit or veg – I’m beginning to see where I went wrong x

  5. Yes, soya is lovely isn’t it. I had a blended drink today, see Rosemary’s reply above. It was yummy. So I’ll be having that again. Ha ha, I like your c plan. That wouldn’t work for me, I’d call chips french fries, cookies would be biscuits, and cake could be gateaux. If I feel like slipping, I remember that changing cubicle and the three horrors. I’ve ordered some new gym gear now, in size 12!!!! Probably won’t wear it until next Christmas:)))

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