From shabby chic, to sleek teak.


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Here’s the before and after pictures of our garden fence. It’s cedar red to be precise, but that doesn’t rhyme with shabby chic. I was wondering what that white thing like a mushroom was in the picture, it’s a bit of washing that popped in there.

As we sat having a cup of tea, looking at the shabby version, we agreed that it looked quite rustic. Along the lines of faded Levi jeans. We almost wanted to leave it, but the fence paint will protect it for a while, hopefully. The red one is going to have another coat, when the weather picks up again. Too cold today.

Digital imageDigital imageDigital imageDigital image

If you had lovely flowers last weekend, a tip to keep them looking fresh, is to add a teaspoon of sugar to the water, when you

change it every two or three days. Keep doing that, and they’ll last ages.

I’m going over some old stories that need re-writing. It’s amazing even a few months later, you can spot the flaws immediately. So hopefully with a bit of re-writing, they will appear fresher and be accepted somewhere else.

One of my stories has been accepted on Alfie dog, short story website, that will be published on 23rd April and there’s a new cosy crime  by Susan Wright published on Alfie dog for you to download, if like me, that’s your cup of tea.

Job hunting this week… I don’t mind if they ask you properly. What I can’t stand is when you read a job advert, and they say. ‘We expect you to hit the ground running, and give more than a hundred percent, be focused and a team player, by now I’ve logged off. I’m not an aeroplane I’m a human. Also, there are lots of apprentice jobs where the pay is peanuts, and I’m not a monkey either. Another annoying thing is when a twenty something fresh faced, lovely person asks me, ‘how would you react in a crisis?’ I’d love to say, ‘my children knew how to react is a crisis before you were born.’ But I don’t. There are two jobs (at the same place) I’m waiting to hear from quite near home, and my temp girl is good at finding jobs I like, so fingers crossed something will turn up.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the time to write and read my books and People’s Friend magazines. Which leads me on to the good news that coming soon, exclusive to this blog…

An interview with everyone’s favorite People’s Friend writer, Teresa Ashby. Look out for that around the twelfth of April, it’s good.



Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

15 thoughts on “From shabby chic, to sleek teak.”

    1. Thanks Ruth. It’s good to know that we’re learning all the time. How I had the nerve to send things out, when now I can clearly see why they weren’t accepted. Thanks for popping by, and glad you like the fence.

    1. Yes, it’s amazing the difference a few months makes to the way we view a story Rosemary. I can see why certain stories didn’t get accepted, and am working on putting them right. Glad you liked the fence, and found time to pop in.xx

  1. Yes, Sue, I think going through old stories can be quite encouraging. By leaving them, we can see what parts can be improved – hopefully! The trouble is I keep going back to my old favourites and am not getting many new ones written. Good luck with the job hunting. 🙂

    1. Oh, that’s funny Julia, love it. Yes, job hunting is a pain. And, just when you get a job, a better one is offered next day. Oh, well, something is on the horizon I feel.

  2. The ‘before’ fence does have a faded jeans look. I rather like it, but the ‘after’ is certainly smarter.

    Congrats on the Alfie Dog story.

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