Tempting temping.

Temping week is over, and I had a great time. Really friendly people, and my own little office to answer the phone, and sort the post, tick off a register of who’s in, who’s out on business, and who’s on holidays.  Felt a bit like being the teacher, for a week. I’ve just got to know who is who, and I’ve left.

It made me quite hungry, as talk of food goes on all over the place. And, samples of food, piles of bacon sandwiches into the board room today, while I was at the coffee machine. The lady in the next office has foodie conversations all day long. A jolly, bubbly person, who laughs nearly all day as well, what a job! It was only by day 2 I realised I was putting my wooden spoons in the shredder, thinking it was a bin. It worked alright though, I know that as I had to go and shred a wad of paper today. Trouble is, when I’d finished, the machine didn’t want to stop. Someone passing didn’t know either, so he just switched it off…

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????So when I came home, me and Alan had bacon egg and chips, with some nice fresh bread from the bakery, there’s no hope for the diet much is there?

I’ve published a book of 20 poems here. Hope you enjoy reading them if you decide to download it. Some of them, you may have already seen, others you might not have.

Looks like the weather is going to be nice for the weekend, time for the garden again, hopefully.

photo_9864_20091114[1]Have a great weekend, whichever way you spend it.



Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

18 thoughts on “Tempting temping.”

    1. Glad you think so Jacqueline, I was in-between director’s offices, who kept ordering beef sandwiches on brown bread, I felt like adding, ‘one for me as well please’ but didn’t dare. I’m sure they would have given me one, but I took my own:)))

  1. I mis-read the first word and thought you’d had a tempTing week. It sounds wonderful. A whole seven days of tempting cakes, chocolate…
    That final picture is of my weekend plans. A bit of garden supervision. Not up to actual gardening yet so will let the LSO know what needs doing while I recline (temptingly?) on a recliner.

  2. Best plan Lynne, I was temping, but as a receptionist in the local sandwich factory, and the smell of lovely food cooking and scrumptious sandwiches all around. It’s a place I would go back to if they sent me:))

  3. Sounds like a great place to temp! I was imagining big wooden mixing spoons in the shredder – silly me, but your week sounds like the basis for a story – or a poem (or several) 🙂 Good luck with the poems and the gardening x

    1. It was a lovely place Teresa, people who don’t work there say, ‘oh, that place,’ and chunter about it, but I’ve never seen such a clean and friendly and relaxed place to work. I’d work there all the time if I was offered a job. Yes, I was doodling my notes in-between phone calls, so I’m sure a sandwich story will come, or a poem. One man rang up and started saying, ‘I’m five tuna sandwiches short’ I nearly added, ‘what, of a picnic you mean’ good job I only had to press a button and put him through to someone else….. Talk soon. xx

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