Scrubbers in the garden.

No, not me and Nellie Aldridge, and if you’re reading this Nellie, you know I don’t mean it. And, I’m not going to google you, because I’m sure you’re sitting there, eating your sweets, and saying ‘who cares.’

The sun was out in Warwickshire today, so it was great to get in the garden. Me and Alan were scrubbing down the fence panels, that were green, and faded, with a solution that takes the panels back to the wood, ready for painting. They look like new, but will be better when they’re harvest gold, which is the colour we’re planning to paint them. The solution was strong, so when the gloves got soaking wet, we used carrier bags on our hands. Looked funny, but effective.

Next week, I’m a temp. Working as the receptionist in a local factory, answering the phone, and sorting the post and ad hoc, duties. Looking forward to that. I went for an induction day last week, and the people are friendly. Especially the lady who I’m covering for, as she’s off on holiday. As long as I press the right buttons, and don’t cut anyone off, it should be alright. I’ll let you know.

Now, someone not far away has a big birthday coming up in the next few weeks. He likes surprises, so I have a couple lined up, but can’t say anymore as walls have ears as Mrs Brown says. Our Son tells me, ‘you won’t keep it a secret, I’ll bet’ he also tells me that I whisper even louder than I talk. He swears he can hear me two rooms away. So my lips are sealed for the moment.

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Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

19 thoughts on “Scrubbers in the garden.”

  1. I tried to leave a comment earlier, but it didn’t work – so if you find me repeating myself you’ll know why 🙂

    I was clearing up in the garden wearing carrier bags too this week!

    And I’m really looking forward to hearing more about the big surprise x

  2. It’s been sunny on the Isle of Wight for the last coulple of weeks too, Susan ~ but it has also turned bitterly cold, so no fence scrubbing for me! But a couple of weekends ago we were sitting out there on a bench, reading our library books ~ crazy! Good luck with your temping, and looking forward to reading all about the secret birthday celebrations…….shhhh! 😉

  3. Good luck with the temping. I used to do that – my first job actually working for a temp agency. Loved it! What is the solution you use to bring the fence back to the natural wood please? And would it work on decking as well? My friend says old worn decking is the new ‘chic’ but I’m not convinced!!! Do you just paint it on? x

  4. Duh! Sorry just realised you said you were scrubbing the fence (hence the title of your blog) Sorry! Long day!!! x

  5. Hello Sue, yes, a strong scrubbing brush was needed as our fence had green mildew on it. It’s a solution by Cuprinol, in a green bottle. Brilliant stuff, smells putrid though, and you need gloves. Funny you say that, looking at our fence now, I said to hubby, that’s shabby chic, and in… but it looks like a fence that needs painting to us, so we’ve got red cedar at the ready… Would be ideal for decking. Thing is, if you don’t do this treatment first, the decking will be slippy,. Thanks for the luck. Yes, the job seems good. Reception duties, sorting post, answering the phone, and then franking the mail, and I go home…

  6. Thank you Susan. Depending on the energy levels my fence and decking will either convince me it’s ‘shabby chic’ and definitely ‘in’ or I shall have a spanking smart fence and decking. Watch this space xx

  7. Good news about the job, and perhaps it will lead on to something more permanent. I’m keeping a secret at the moment. It’s so difficult isn’t it? Especially when it’s something you know other people will be really pleased about when they are eventually allowed to know.

  8. Hi Linda, yes, just got back, the hours are great, and the people friendly. I like it no end, and would like it if it was permanent, at least it’s a weeks work though, so can’t moan. Oh, we’ll have to spill secrets when the time’s right. I have a few weeks yet, so it’s not easy…..

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