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Hello blog followers, new ones and lovely old ones. How exciting, the latest writing magazine landed on the mat today. It’s a job to know which bit to read first as it’s all good. I have to confess my favorite regulars are Lynne and Lorraine. 

Now I have a feeling Lynne is psychic; this is because every month, it feels as if she’s written that column entirely for me. Last month, I was pondering on the courses I’d completed, even if it took several, (in the longest sense) years, and classes, and vast amount of books I’d read on how to write, and decided, I should ‘get on with it.’ That’s what she wrote, word for word. This month, she talks about, the joys of getting something published. And, how we should not take rejections personally. Again, I had a ‘sorry, we’ll pass on this’ for my novel openings from Diane Banks, yet I have a letter in the same magazine. Even if they called me Susan James, but that’s my fault, as I hand wrote the letter, and my Jones can look a bit like James. It was in response to Rena George, who would rather write in pen first, then put her words on the computer. Perhaps that should be my new pen name. Lorraine’s page always gives me something to smile about as well.

Also, I have a story published on Creative Frontiers.  Walter has gone public, and hope you enjoy reading what he’s getting up to.

I’ve sent a funny item off to That’s Life letters page here. They pay well, and don’t forget to add a photo if you send something in. I’ve had three letters in there already, and they always ask for more. I was clearing out my old bags in the wardrobe yesterday; full of notebooks, and I lingered a while, reading the scribbled notes from over the last year or so I tend to stuff in the bottom of my bag. The one was really funny. It was actually in an envelope, to go to Essentials, and I’d forgotten to post it. I’ve now emailed it to That’s Life.

Here’s a poem that appeared in ‘Rubies in the Darkness.‘ I found that when I was clearing out as well. It’s in the form of Tectactrys.

This forms a diamond, using 1,2,3,4,10,10,4,3,2,1, syllables….



a time there

was a dancer.

She waltzed around the clusters of snowdrops;

Singing magic melodies to Springtime.

It’s here my friends.

Come out and

Play with


Fairynuff, I think she likes Peple's Friend magazine. I like him..

Digital imageDigital imageDigital imageDigital image


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

34 thoughts on “Latest news.”

  1. I love the poem! And the snowdrops – I had about four in my garden. You’re doing so well with the letters. And Lynne is magic isn’t she x

  2. Wow! You must be psychic to know I am psychic! I love writing those Novel Ideas columns and I seem to be getting away with wackier stuff lately. Actually, that’s Jane Wenham-Jones’s name for me- Wacky Hacky.
    Love the snowdrop poem. Very clever.

  3. Congratulations on your published story. I will read it.
    The poem and the pictures your shared are uplifting.
    I also want to add that it is nice to discover a writer that seems to talk to us on a personal level through his/her writing. It is magical.

    1. Hi Rena, yes, it was in response to you saying you used a pen… I do too. It was a lovely surprise to see the letter in there. I meant to put a link to your blog, will do that now.xx

  4. Thanks Wendy, I like a formula to poetry. Yes, any successes are a boost aren’t they? I’m still aiming for P.F. though, reading your stories and learning the tricks. I do realise how the characters have to be real, so real, and have the layers, I’m understanding that now… One day Wendy:)))

      1. Yes, thanks, Sue – the sun was lovely and to come back to this is a real bonus! A busy unpacking and washing day today and then back to writing and reading your stories! 🙂

  5. Hi Charlie, no, you’re not thick, Seeds of Friendship is the latest one. Also Climb every mountain is mine as well. Hope you enjoy reading if you do… Why not send in one of yours Charlie? They need to be 1,500 wds or less.

    1. As for submitting myself, I will need to read up the existing stories first, won’t I? I will therefore read ‘Seeds of Friendship’ and ‘Climb Every Mountain’.

  6. Thanks Charlie. You will find Seeds of Friendship under March options, and Climb Every Mountain is under February slot. Hope you find them alright, let me know if there’s a problem finding them.

  7. Congratulations Susan ~ you’re so committed to your writing and your hard work pays off, (I should take a leaf out of your book!) The poem is great fun, too, and I love your photos! As you can see, I’m having a ‘catch~up’ Sunday! 🙂

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