Another week.

Another week is underway, and I’ve been decorating. Rubbing down with sandpaper, undercoating and glossing our landing, hallway and down the stairs. Alan reaches up to the high places, balancing on ladders which I don’t care to watch.

I’ve been entering some competitions, like this one at Cremona Hotel.  It’s free to enter, so just time if you have something suitable.

There are some more on that website as well.

I’m in-between jobs as you can see from all the painting and writing I’m doing, and reading of course. Too cold and wet for the garden for me yet. A couple of things lined up, so fingers crossed. In the meantime, I’m editing the first three chapters of my novel to go out to an agent/publisher.

People’s Friend sent a story back to me, and the reply was to say, ‘that the story relied a shade too heavily on the plot, not allowing the characters to spring to life.’ Now, for me, that’s a good response, giving a clear indication of where the story can be improved. Quite often I get, ‘plot not engaging enough to hold the reader’s attention.’ So, I have the plot, now to whoosh the characters up a bit. Somehow, I do have to agree with them. They know what they want, and their readers of course.

Two more stories of mine are available for download on Alfie dog.

IMG-20130628-00081Hope you’re all keeping dry and safe. Until next time………. Adios amigos…….

16 thoughts on “Another week.

  1. My house could do with a makeover (just hinting in case you want something else to do when you’ve finished yours!) I’ve chosen the colours but I won’t start until the weather’s warm enough to have all the windows open. I enjoy decorating but hate the smell of new paint.
    Good luck with the comps and submissions. If you rewrite the rejected PF story you should resubmit it to them. I had a story accepted by them after I altered it following the editor’s comments.

  2. Oh Linda, that’s interesting to know. The story was written with p.f. in mind. I don’t overly want to send it elsewhere. It’s a special story if you get me…. Will work on it and try again. Thanks for the tip. Oh yes, I’ll pop over and paint for you. We’ve had doors off, handles off the bathroom. Now back on. I put my painting gear on today though, and have lolled around watching the Indian doctor and winter Olympics.

  3. It’s interesting to get feedback on our work, Susan.
    My last rejection was very uplifting. I haven’t been submitting stories lately but I’ve submitted poems. So on my last rejection the editor told me that my poem was “darn close to be accepted”. And they said the last paragraph was very powerful. When I get this kind of rejection I know that somebody is about to accept it…

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