Short story week.

It is for me, I am the featured author on Alfie dog. Thanks to Rosemary Kind, editor on Alfie dog, and author of her own novel for giving me the chance to be featured. Stories are 39p each to download if you’d like to read any of those. Or, the came as me, left as we is a paperback book, full of lovely romantic stories from lots of Alfie writers.

Also, if you want to read another of my stories, (don’t say I don’t treat you) you can have a look here. Creative Frontiers where you can read ‘Climb every Mountain’ set in the mountains of North Wales. If you have a look around on that site, there is a free competition running. Why not have a go. I have….

Digital imageIf anyone is in to Agatha Raisin books, I’ve got some for sale on e.bay.

Now, off to write another short story, and read more of Lorraine’s crime novel, writing as Frances di Plino –  Bad moon rising. It’s the first in the trilogy, and it’s nothing like Agatha Raisin. That’s all I can say for the moment.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

24 thoughts on “Short story week.”

  1. Oh thanks Rosemary. Glad you liked the twist. Sometimes tricky aren’t they? The editor Martin West said it reminded him of a P.F. feel good story. I’m glad, because that’s where I’m always aiming for…

  2. Congratulations on being Alfie Dog’s featured author, Sue, and on the story published on Creative Frontiers which I enjoyed reading. 🙂 Great to see names I ‘know’ up there in print!

  3. It’s worth every penny Julia. The stories are lovely, you would be pleased with it. I know kindles are handy, but I like to hold a book and turn the pages. I’m old fashioned like that:)))

  4. Congratualtions on having your stories published and being a featured writer. You have been busy. As for the M C Beaton books, I have read many of the Agatha Raisin ones when I want a bit of light relief and have almost finished one of the Hamish Macbeth ones this week. She has mastered the art of keeping the reader wanting to read on and having finhsed a book to want to read more.

    1. Hi Ann, yes, I’ve got ‘A Highland Christmas’ that I’m reading as well. She has character description off to an art hasn’t she? My mum isn’t a great reader, yet she’s almost read all of the Agatha’s; just because she wants to know what Aggie is up to next:)))) Hope you’re keeping well…

      1. Keeping fine thank you, Susan. I know you like Simon Brett’s novels too and I suggest you keep a look out in local charity shops. I picked up three of his I had not previously read this past week. Looking forward to a good read. Certainly wouldn’t want to be out of doors today.

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