February Giggle blog

Time for a giggle or two again. Last week, Ann came over from Leicester to have her car serviced and mot’d. We got round to talking about Valentine’s Day. So I asked her what she had in mind for her boyfriend. She mentioned heart-shaped cookies, and I said, ‘you could make fudge, and wrap it up in cellophane, then put it in a nice mug for him. So, we decided to experiment with fudge recipes. We put sugar, butter and milk in a pan, like it said, Ann stirred and stirred and stirred. It was at this point, she had the idea, we could do all kinds of home-made sweets, and sell them online. According to the recipe, it was then supposed to go thick. We hadn’t got vanilla flavouring, so we used almond essence. It went slightly tacky, so we put it in the tray, then went off to collect the car. We also had to go and get the tracking seen to.

When we got back, the fudge, which was white, (we presumed it was like cadbury’s fudge in the chocolate) was still tacky. We were going to melt a choc bar and top it with that, but we ended up eating the choc, and chucking the fudge. So, that recipe is no good. Besides, I’m allergic to cows milk, and sugar gives me spots, and I also can’t eat butter! So, the goo went in the bin.

We’re decorating the hall, stairs and landing. You know when things that are normally on the landing have to go in the bedroom while the work is being done? Well, every time one of us gets up in the night, or early morning to make tea, or use the bathroom, we end up coming in and hurtling across the bedroom, either swearing or going ouch, ouch ouch. Stubbing your toes isn’t funny, but it is afterwards.

One more funny thing, happened a year or so ago, but it came to mind as I’m writing a swimming related story, and this little gem will go in the story. I’d gone for a swim, and I wear a ring, that I call my ‘lucky ring.’ For safe-keeping, I put it in the top of my trainer, and packed everything in to the locker, and went off to swim. Later, I had a shower, got my things out, and – no ring! In my panic, I got dressed, wondering who could have gone in and taken it. They do have notices all around saying we are not responsible for any theft of your belongings. I ran to the reception, asking the girl there if anyone had handed a ring in. They hadn’t. I know I trust all the girls who work there; I’ve known them a long time. Maybe someone had sneaked in while I was swimming, I thought. She had my number, and was going to ring, if the ring turned up. Back home, having coffee, I felt a lump by my toe. Oh, my word, it was my ring, safe where I stashed it, deep in the bottom of my trainer….. I had to go back and let them know.

Until next time, find something to giggle about in every day.

So glad that Lynne and Teresa are gigglers as well. Join in if you want to.

Digital imageI won’t be eating any more of these, I crunched a fox’s glacier mint on the way to Devon, and had to pay a visit to the dentist when I got back. So, jellies and toffee sweets are a no no from now on. I can still manage a malteser or two though.

Watch out for information on Wednesday, I’m the featured author on Alfie dog.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

20 thoughts on “February Giggle blog”

  1. I had to giggle – the ring in the trainer – that’s just the sort of thing I’d do 🙂
    I loved your fudge tale.
    And I broke my tooth on a sweet last week too – I haven’t yet plucked up the courage to see the dentist though. But I do have to say no to toffees and boiled sweets now though – but I never say no to Maltesers x

    1. Oh Teresa, glad you’d have done that as well. I felt such a fool. Go go go to the dentist. You can imagine you’re on a shingle beach with your loved one. It’s over in a jiffy, and at least it feels better than having a gap. Thing is, all the time they’re doing the spraying, polishing, filling etc. I hold my breath. Then come up gasping……

  2. Love the way you always have things to giggle about, Suzy! Did you ever find out what was wrong with the fudge? I never eat hard sweets – but I do eat After Eight type chocs or thin dark chocolate and Thorntons richer chocs are my guilty treat now and then!

    1. Hi Rosemary, I think whenever I’ve made fudge before, and it’s been nice, it’s had condensed milk in and possibly brown sugar. Best to blame the recipe eh? Thanks for popping by. I recently read your highland story in the anthology. Loved it. xx

  3. Oh you muppet! I had a similar panic over my fleece on Saturday. I’d put it in a sort of cubby-hole locker with my shoes, but when I went back for it I couldn’t find it. Major panic, because my car keys were in the pocket. Turned out the jacket had slithered down the back of the locker and was on the floor.

    1. Yes Linda, and I always start thinking, well who’s had my book on the complete works of Shakespeare….. then realise, nobody would want it!! And there it is on the bookcase… Aren’t we daft. (well I am)

  4. Love the fudge story. I had a similar disaster with honeycomb. I was so annoyed at wasting all the ingredients I wrote a story about it and got more than my money back. I think your idea of a giggle blog is brilliant and am so glad I joined you. I wish more people would join.

    1. I never waste food either Lynne, it grieved me to put all that sugar, milk and (best) better in the bin. I’m so glad you’re a giggler. Now Teresa is as well, and the busy teapot. More will join us. Best to start small, and grow steadily than have a million gigglers all in one go:)))))))

      1. Thanks Jan, you’ll remember it as you helped with the grammar and other suggestions I think. The editor says we can send in articles or stories for consideration, it’s a great site isn’t it?

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