Having a break.

Sometimes, as Lynne Hackles often writes in her column in the writing magazine, having a break from writing can be beneficial. We recently had a week in Devon. Here we are in Torquay, waiting for someone special to come along.

Digital imageDigital imageDigital image

Me and our eldest son share a January birthday, so we had a meal out as a double celebration.

Yes I know there are shadows on both the pictures, that’s so we can both be in the picture at the same time…

How lovely to wake up and see seals playing in the sea. In the local paper there was someone who had snapped a dog chasing the seals. They seem quite tame. I’m sure they like people.

I’m working on stories for competitions at the moment, and reading a lot. The book I’ve just finished is body on the beach by Simon Brett, a Feathering mystery for Carole and Jude. Also, Footsteps in the Dark, by Georgette Heyer. Another mystery, and I’ll be reading more of her books. I also read The Adventuress, one of M.C. Beaton’s. and Emily goes to Exeter, m.c. again. You might say I’m a big fan of M.C. Beaton. I’m now off to read A Highland Christmas, one of the Hamish McBeth ones. Keep warm, and see you soon.

Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

27 thoughts on “Having a break.”

    1. Yes, Jan, definitely. Seeing our son is always fun. He used to live in the Midlands, until Coventry airport made everyone redundant. He was lucky enough to find a job in the Exeter one. We see him as often as we can though. Sea air always makes you feel better doesn’t it?

  1. Hi Lynn, I’m D S Nelson a cosy crime writer and blogger. Sounds like a great holiday – Devon + January Birthday (all the best people are born in January) + M C Beaton = great break 😀

  2. Winter breaks can often be so much more invigorating than those at the height of summer, Susan. I’m often surprised how often a look at my photos afterwards sparks an idea for an article or two and no doubt the same can be said for unfamiliar locations – or even the opportunity for people-watching for fiction writers.

    1. It was really mild Teresa. With big jumpers, you didn’t even need a coat. The seals seemed to gaze with those big eyes, then nod and blow out, shake their whiskers and twirl then be gone. I am convinced they love the people watching them though.

  3. It’s always good to get out and about, trouble is it’s been so gloomy and wet here for what is beginning to seem like forever! I’m escaping by writing a story set in the summer – all blue skies and warm sunshine!

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