January writing magazine.

The latest writing magazine has arrived. Great articles from Rosemary, on publishing with createspace which was interesting. Thanks Lorraine for mentioning the review situation. Where people leave a bad review without reading the whole book. Also, Helen’s star letter about blogging and spoiling your book sales was interesting. Sometimes if I’ve had too much information, it’s a bit like how the magazines tell you what’s going to happen in a soap. If I know, why would I watch, (not that I would anyway). The same goes for reading.

Don’t think the rocking horse is going to the shop window. He’s an adult rocking horse and came from Sweden, so is too precious. I will get a picture of him though, he’s a bit special. We’re too busy to have time to put him there. It feels strange after writing so much in November, to get my knitting out. I’m knitting a chunky red flecked jumper that’s got bits of petrol blue and black in. It’s round necked, and the sleeves cut off below the elbow, so I’ll need a cream or black jumper to go underneath it. It’s more like a top coat, photo’s when it’s done. We’re going away mid-January, so hoping to finish it for then. Nice to use the creative hands in a different area. I had a story back from ‘Yours’ and I’m reading a book on getting your short stories right. It’s Kathleen McGurl – short stories and how to write them. It’s our womag writer, who is a great help to new writers. I’m finding it helpful, and I’d recommend it even if you’ve already had stories published.

Keep warm, and I’m off to read that People’s Friend Christmas special, the one with Pat’s story in, and Marylin’s and everyone else’s who I enjoy reading.


16 thoughts on “January writing magazine.

  1. I am envious of you being able to knit, Susan. I tried knitting baby clothes when my eldest was a baby (she has babies of her own now) but failed miserably. Enjoy the People’s Friend Christmas Special – I have a below stairs story in it.

  2. Hope you enjoy ‘Silver Bells’, Susan.
    I love rocking horses; I’ve one in a story I’m waiting to hear about.
    The knitted jumper sounds good, hope you finish it in time for your holiday.

  3. I will Pat, it knits up quick being chunky. Oh, I’m sure they’ll take the rocking horse story Pat. I’m going to read ‘Silver Bells’ tonight. Another lovely illustration to it as well. xx

  4. I agree that knowing too much, or seeing it mentioned too often, can put us off reading a book. It’s the same with film and TV trailers, by the time it’s on I’m fed up with it.

  5. I like the way your blog’s ‘snowing’! Made me feel all Christmassy.
    I like the sound of the chunky jumper too – I always get an urge to knit around this time of year 🙂

    • It’s good how they do that isn’t it Karen. I’m posting for the blog chain thing tomorrow, can I put your name on? I don’t think there’s an obligation to do it, everyone’s busy I think…. Talk soon.

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