Nano and giggles.

Oh, I completed nano, with 50,375 words. I finished before the end of November, but stopped at that. Phew, talk about neck ache, shoulder ache and wrists aching. Writing is hard work. I dreamed of floating around in pink with a pooch under my arm like Barbara Cartland. Feels more like labouring on a building site to really get stuck in.

nano badge

But now I have a frame to work with, and it is quite exciting. My heroine got her… oh I’ll save it for when you buy the book.

I’ve been having trouble accessing this blog, but now great stuff, I can get on to my own blog again. Now for some giggles.

I’m back working in my Dad’s shop with my sister. We used to work there years ago, then we both left to pursue other avenues. We had lots of helium balloons to blow up the other day, They shot up to the ceiling, luckily we’d tied string on them, then when we bagged them in to bin bags, they shot up to the ceiling as well. Like the scene in Willy Wonka when they drink the fizzy pop. Or is it the BFG. Yes, big friendly giant I think.
I’m not potting the pansies in the flower shop. Well, it is across the road from Dad’s shop, so, as he needs me, family has to come first, so there we are. I’m going to do a website for the shop soon. It’s called Sue and Sally’s Card Shoppe. Sometimes if I’m walking down the street, I hear someone say, ‘I’ve just got to pop in to Sue and Sally’s card shopppey. It was Dad’s idea years ago, to have the Dickens feel to the shop as it’s got lots of small windows. And, the window needs doing. I’d like the nativity scene, with Mary, Joseph and my niece has a new baby, so we could rent him out as baby Jesus… or perhaps not, so… in Dad’s hallway, I’ve noticed an old fashioned rocking horse. Now, nobody that I know used it, unless mom and dad have a go on it in passing, so how about that in the centre of the window, surrounded by toys!!! Think that’s the latest plan, so will let you know.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

18 thoughts on “Nano and giggles.”

  1. You’ve done so well completing your NaNo, Susan! Really love the sound of that Dickensian shop – I have an old Christmas card that shows the kind of toy-filled window you mention.

  2. Congratulations on all those words 🙂 The shop sounds beautiful and I love your idea for a Christmas window. I think the rocking horse would be perfect. Yes, photos please!

    And please tell me there are little white snowflakes floating through your blog and it’s not my eyes going funny on me 🙂 x

  3. Oh, Susan, if only we had twelve secretaries to dictate our work to, as Barbara Cartland did. But for me, is that worth having to wear pink? I don’t think so. (Do you have shooting stars falling down this page or have my eyes gone funny?) Love ’em if they are stars.

  4. Sure will Patsy, it’s a case of whether mom and dad want to send him to the shop. It’s only gathering dust in the old hallway though, and that way all the town can see him and admire him. We could charge toddlers a pound a go couldn’t we? Me and sister Sal have made a space for him, so hopefully…

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