Pansy Potting

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It’s that time of the year when I go and put something nice on an old Auntie, and grandad and grandma’s grave. Also, we go to visit Alan’s Dad’s and grandma’s. This year I’ve made up some pansy pots; they will last through to the spring, and also, they’ll survive the frosts and any snow that might be on the horizon. So, off I popped, to the place where I buy my pansies, and the lady in there, who I was at school with years ago, asked me what I was up to these days. Ended up with her saying, can I have your number, as I’d like you to come and help me leading up to Christmas. So although I’d had some other options, I ended up saying, ‘why not’ so looking forward to that. Now would you believe it, on the same day, I rang to say the usual ‘hello’ to mum and dad, and he asked how the job hunting was going. He said, ‘we’ve got lots to do, come and help us out if you’re stuck.’ So, that’s what I’m doing.
The telephone job interview, when I finally found the place, was half decorated. About fifteen people sat round a table, me being one of them. And, I sat next to someone who had been my supervisor at the old telephone place. Not an ordinary visor, you notice, a SUPERvisor… The boffin who led the interview, had his pals standing round the outside of the group. They looked like people off mad men. Not that I watch it, but that’s what came to mind. I lost interest when he said, you don’t get paid, you have money for turning up, then you get paid if anyone signs up. He also said one in five will tell you to f. off. He mentioned how they like to banter, and continued to speak with his cronies, and all the young people looking half bored. Then he said, ‘does anyone want to go now, if it’s not for you?’ I wondered if I had the balls to get up and go…. Erm, not as such, I strongly thought about it, but after hearing that ‘Friday is Onsie day! I knew it was a no hoper…. The nice lady told me, ‘We don’t come su.’.ed. an boo ‘ed, and we all go out for a faaag, when we have a break out the back. I whizzed out of there pretty sharpish. So thank goodness I decided to pot pansies, and I have a Dad who needed a little helper. Reminds me of Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz; sometimes we are looking far and away, and what we want is on the doorstep all the time.

Until next time, go and pot some pansies.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

24 thoughts on “Pansy Potting”

  1. Oh that sounds perfect for you! The lovely pansies brought you luck and who knows, a Christmas job may lead to something more and it would be right up your street wouldn’t it?. But that other place sounds awful, thank goodness you escaped 🙂 x

    1. Yes, Teresa, you’re right. I’m quite happy getting my fingers dirty and creating displays. And the flower shop is a short bus ride away. Opposite to my Mum and Dad’s shop, so I’ll be able to pop across the road and say ‘hello’ to them as well. I’d have died of lack of oxygen at that phone place.

    1. Thanks Tracy, glad you like the pansies. Yes, it was weird alright, the chappie said to all the young people, and me, ‘you’re a quiet lot.’ One brave girl answered him back and said, ‘well we’re waiting for you to tell us about the job. Well said that girl.

  2. Sometimes several small jobs are better than one full-time one. I’ve always preferred my money to be coming from several different directions. Just like several smaller pansy pots look better than one big one!

    1. Yes, Rosemary, I almost stood up and left when he said ‘anyone want to leave now?’ I don’t think many of the people there would have taken the job, as it wasn’t a job as such…. My favorites are pansies as well. They last a long time, and have a wide range of colours.

    1. Hello Crystal. Thanks, me too. It was funny though, when the chappie said, ‘anyone want to go now’ looking round the room. I think half or more did want to go. We all just sat there. I almost did, but thought, no, I’ll ring tomorrow and say ‘not for me’ as did all the others I expect.

  3. Certainly sounds as if you are well out of that job, Susan and so much better to be doing something you enjoy and believe in. Would love to read the story you write from that experience!
    I’m always amazed at the resilience of pansies. Some even seed themselves around in our garden so just go on and on.

    1. Hello Ann, my friend, so glad you’ve popped over to my blog. Yes, I don’t like cold calling, and feel sorry for the people who have to do it. Especially if they have bosses like those people on their backs. I am going to have fun writing my story, will let you know when it’s done. On the last legs of nano now, thank goodness. Just got back from mother in law’s, that’s another story… Pansies are cheery aren’t they? Talk soon.

  4. Love the pansies, they are such cheerful little flowers, aren’t they?
    So glad you didn’t take the job (how did they have the nerve to even call it a job if they don’t pay you?!!) We’ve been plagued with cold callers for the past few weeks. I’m too polite to actually swear at them, but I would certainly never buy anything from someone who contacted me like that.

    1. No, me neither Linda. I’d never swear at anybody either. In my last telephone job, I had to do sales for the last week. Nobody put the phone down on me, and most were cheerful. If I’d been selling something they wanted, like a hot dinner, I’d have been alright maybe. Now I’m glad to be doing something useful, like helping mum and dad, and selling flowers again.

  5. I feel a bit sorry for people who have to do cold calling. If they catch me in the wrong mood I will run them all round the houses until they get fed up with me! Oh no… go pot pansies instead!

    1. Hi Joanne. Yes, I have a friend who pretends to be a little girl, and tells them, ‘I’m drawing you a picture, with all my coloured pencils.’ and keeps on and on, until they hang up……. funny eh?

  6. Sounds like a lucky escape, Susan ~ I’ve worked in that sector but not for very long because it is so demoralising. You are worth more than that!! It seems that other doors are opening up for you, leading to work that will nurture you and give you greater job satisfaction. Wishing you Good Luck with your search for long~term employment ~ but keep writing about your experiences, your style is great to read and your optimism and lovely nature shine through! 🙂

    1. Oh, Jacqueline, you always say the nicest things. And, you are so right, I know I have to do something more useful than trying to get people to buy what they don’t want. Glad you enjoy my writing, I’m almost finished with my nano novel, on the last few chapters. Then I’ll be editing and polishing and sending out. Fingers crossed for that stage. Glad you popped by.

  7. Lovely pansies. I think you’d be much happier selling them than cold calling people who aren’t interested – even if you can’t do it in a onesie (or maybe partly because of that)

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