The Kindness of Rosemary.

Thank you Rosemary…….

I had a great start to the day, I opened an email to find that my Stardust the Racehorse story is the story of the week on Alfie dog short story downloads website. Now this made me so happy, and I hope you all download and read about Stardust.

Hope you enjoy the story.

My latest writing magazine is here, and lovely to read my favorite authors. Lynne, how could you leave your romantic heroine on a tombstone for 30 years? Could be a Gothic horror now, she’d be a bit worn around the edges, not to mention frizzled up. And Lorraine, how much did you say you earn again!!!! I’m almost a millionaire myself, just need to sell a few more short stories don’t you know. (Hysterical laughter)

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Wendy, I agree that blogging is a two way thing. I first started blogging a few years ago, and followed blogs. Then Patsy was my first follower, and I was over the moon. Now I have lots of followers, and I do follow some blogs, but when people’s blogs I follow, don’t bother to follow me back or comment, I tend to drift off.

My day started with that great news, then got to work, and remember last post, I said I was in a different department? It was sales. Now, I’d call myself a super-saleswoman, because I am, that’s a fact. But when you’re selling something, or trying to sell something that nobody wants, you become a non super sales woman. So, the sales idea was the way forward, as today I heard, the company are collapsing, going in to liquidation, and I am now redundant!! So, nothing I’ve done, I enjoyed the job, but didn’t enjoy cold calling nice elderly people trying to sell something that you can get for free if you’re half with it….

I had a lovely h.r. lady, remember the one who I rang by mistake when I started, and thought she was my son and left her a message saying ‘I love you’ Oh, how embarrassing; she will also be jobless, and has a little daughter. Same goes for all the other smashing young people I got to know in the short time I was there. Still, it will go on the C.V. and now I’m job searching again. Perhaps my writing career will spin off into a full time job… Well, I have story of the week on Alfie, so who knows where that may lead.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

16 thoughts on “The Kindness of Rosemary.”

    1. Thanks Sally, it’s only a job. Nobody’s ill, and nobody died…. I liked the other workers, but it wasn’t a job I’ll miss that much. I’m going to get the knitting out, and I’m nanoing of course. Will take a week to relax a bit, then on to the job hunting again. Thanks for being a loyal follower, I enjoy your blog as well…

    1. Hello Wendy, enjoying your stories, especially the one with the gran and grandad, (the barrow boy) keep up the good work. I’m not sorry about the job, only the income:)) More time to write now, and hopefully get some acceptances.

    1. Thanks Teresa; the best part of the job was the lovely Jamaican hr lady called Topaz, who was an amazing character, and the lovely young people, who never made me feel ancient, (except for when one chirpy little girl smiled at me and said, ‘oh it’s nice to have a nana of the group) it was said in the nicest possible way, and made me smile, bless em. They loved it that I always had a bag of sweets on my desk. I’ve learned a lot and got plenty of young speak, so it’s not time wasted. The money has been useful of course as well.

    1. Hello Ruth, my nano chum… Definitely something better will turn up Ruth. I have plenty of story ideas from being there, though. Thanks for the congratulations. It’s a story I wrote a long time ago. Bit of a Dick Francis influence going on in it I think. I’d love to write more along those lines, so maybe I can now I’ve got more time.

    1. Thanks Patsy, Sure something else will turn up. In the meantime, I can spend time writing about all the situations, good and bad, characters, cute and crafty, and hopefully sell some stories….

    1. Definitely Rosemary. In the small print, part of the job was that we weren’t allowed to put anything about the job on the internet anywhere at all. Now I can, in a disguised form of course. Tee hee, such small compensations of a redundant telephonist:))))

  1. Oh, Susan, how disappointing especially after thinking you were home and dry after getting through your probationary 3 months. But perhaps it is a blessing in disguise. As you say, it’s giving you some valuable extra writing time (hope NaNo’s going well) and perhaps your next job will be even better. Not that you’ll need an outside job when you’re busy being rich and famous!

    1. You’re so right Linda, I’m the new working class saga writer waiting to be discovered…. once I get the first nano novel done, look out world…. Thanks for commenting. How’s your writing going… tell you what, I’ll pop over and have a look.xx

    1. Oh thank you Charlie, glad you enjoyed it. I think when I wrote that I was under the Dick Francis influence:) I fancied myself as a horsey writer. I do love horses, though I’m slightly scared of them. I thought I’d make Lucy a bit of a detective and give her some more cases…. Thank you so much for reading, and commenting.

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